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AI generated tattoo designs on man hands

How to Generate an AI Tattoo in Photos

Step 1

Upload Your Photo

Choose a well-lit and high-quality photo in the JPEG or PNG format that clearly features you.

Step 2

Mask and Enter Prompt

Select the area of your body where you want your tattoo and enter a prompt describing the design.

Step 3

Generate and Download

Click 'Generate' to apply the tattoo. Once the image is generated, download it to your device.

AI Tattoo Design Generator For Realistic Virtual Tattoos

Realistic AI-Generated Tattoos on Neck, Back, Leg and More

Get inked on various body parts in your photos with LightX's free tattoo generator AI tool. Whether you want a fierce dragon tattoo on your forearm, a delicate roses tattoo cascading down your neck, or any other on your back, leg, finger, or shoulder in pictures, replace a particular area of a part flawlessly with a realistic and high-quality tattoo using LightX's AI tattoo design generator online. 

AI generated tattoos on woman back

Get a Customized AI Tattoo without Pain Using Prompts

Are you seeking a tattoo that truly expresses you without the pain of getting inked physically? Get a perfect, pain-free tattoo in your photos with LightX's advanced text-to-image AI tattoo generator. Add your custom text prompt to bring all your AI generated tattoo ideas for a desired tattoo design to life. With LightX's cutting-edge tattoo AI generator, leave your friends and family amazed!

Get Bird free AI tattoo generator on neck

Tattoo AI Generator for Textual, Traditional & Other Tattoos

Dreaming of a perfect tattoo without pain? Flaunt one in your photos with LightX's AI tattoo generator. Discover the most trendy tattoo styles for men and women alike. Or, create a text, traditional, minimalist, modern, or other tattoo design on yourself. With just a tap, you can get yourself realistic-looking AI-generated tattoo designs in images, along with an all-around aesthetic transformation. 

Generate Full Body Tattoo using AI art tattoo generator

Frequently Asked Questions

You can have fake tattoos on yourself in photos with AI-generated tattoos by LightX. Its straightforward text-to-image generation enables a smooth virtual tattoo integration in your photos. 

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