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Spice up your photos with some bling! Just type in a prompt, and our AI will add everything from sparkly earrings to chic necklaces, instantly upgrading your look. Perfect for jazzing up selfies or fashion shots—no jewelry box needed!

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Add necklace to photo using AI

How to Generate AI Jewellery in Photos

Step 1

Upload Your Photo

Choose a well-lit and high-quality photo in the JPEG or PNG format that clearly features you.

Step 2

Mask and Enter Prompt

Select the area of your body where you want your jewellery and enter a prompt describing the design.

Step 3

Generate and Download

Click 'Generate' to add the jewellery. Once the image is generated, download it to your device.

Add Jewelry to a Picture with AI

Timeless Beauty Meets Modern Innovation Of AI

Does something feel missing in your favorite selfie or portrait? A perfect piece of jewelry can be beautified a hundred times! With LightX's AI jewelry generator, you can effortlessly accessorize yourself in your photos. Whether you want a stunning diamond AI necklace or elegant pearl earrings, simply mask a specific area and add a prompt describing the style, AI will adorn you with your unique statement jewelry realistically and precisely.

Add jewelry to photo online free

Shine On Socials With AI Jewelry Generator's Glamour

Imagine the potential of the AI jewelry generator to be leveraged by bloggers and social media influencers. Why carry heavy jewelry when AI can easily adorn you with beautiful pieces? Similar to a virtual try-on, easily adds earrings to photos and it allows users to add jewelry to a picture, add rings to a photo, and even recreate famous historical pieces on themselves, giving them countless opportunities for individual expression and getting the best outcomes in a few seconds with LightX. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Using a text prompt and a masking technique, AI creates jewelry on your picture. You only need to define the jewelry you want, and AI will intelligently apply it to the designated location so you can easily access your preferred jewelry without any difficulty. 

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