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How to Use LightX’s AI Generative Fill Tool

Step 1

Mark Area

Upload your image and mark the area you want to fill in

Step 2

Enter Prompt 

Describe the elements you wish to add to your photo

Step 3

Generate and Download

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LightX’s AI-Automated Generative Fill for Images

LightX AI Generative Fill Online for Unique Image Synthesis

Craft a new and unique image from your existing image! With LightX's AI generative fill online free tool, transform mundane photos into captivating works of art. Simply upload a photo, mask its area to be worked upon, and enter a prompt describing your idea, whether a sunset, animal, or anything else. Within moments, the AI will turn your words into a visual reality. Everyone would believe it's an entirely new image!

AI generative fill online free

Redefine Images with LightX’s AI-Powered Generative Fill

Enhance your image's aesthetics by applying styles like cyberpunk futurism and pop art, or look like a famous painting of your favorite artist and a lot more with custom prompts within LightX's AI generative fill for image tool. Being trained on the vast datasets of art, photography, and various styles, LightX’s generative fill AI tool applies your vision with the utmost precision and perfect appeal in the image.

AI image generative fill online

LightX AI Generative Fill Free Tool for Background Replacement

Transition your image background into a different scene or setting, from exotic landscapes to dreamy galaxies and others, effortlessly with LightX's AI generative fill online tool. Its advanced algorithms work their magic by conducting a seamless background replacement based on your masked area and prompt in images. It's a game-changer for your creative projects, eCommerce visuals, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can use LightX's AI-driven generative fill tool online with simple custom text prompts.

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