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Edit Image Contrast to Improve Tonal Range

Picture Contrast Editing Online

Contrast refers to the degree of difference in tonal values between the brightest and darkest areas of an image. With contrast adjustment in photo editing, by increasing or decreasing the range of tonal values, a desired visual effect can be achieved. Accurately identifying and adjusting contrast is vital to produce images that are pleasing to the eye. You can edit picture contrast easily during the digital image processing stage. LightX’s Adjustment tool, with its photo contrast editor, lets you modify an image to redistribute its tonal values, resulting in a vibrant and dynamic image contrast

Change image contrast with a simple Contrast slider

Photo Contrast Editor With AI Technology

Contrast adjustment is an indispensable aspect of professional photography. Managing contrast is fundamental to the creation of high-quality photographs, and LightX understands this. Under its Adjustment tool's Light panel, LightX provides an automatic Contrast adjustment slider that employs robust AI technology to quickly, accurately, and professionally adjust image contrast. Using it, you can alter the contrast in line with your needs for high, medium, or low-contrast photos. Move the slider left or right to change image contrast levels to your desired preference. Or input a positive or negative numerical value to achieve the optimal result.

Edit picture contrast along with other adjustments

Edit Contrast With Foreground & Background Mask Detection

LightX utilizes powerful algorithms and technology that enable automatic mask detection for the foreground and background of your image. Mask detection works by analyzing the image and recognizing the boundaries of different objects or regions within it allowing for highly targeted and effective contrast adjustment. This cutting-edge functionality empowers you to selectively edit the picture contrast level of the foreground or the background of your image based on your specific requirements. Enhance the difference between light and dark areas of your image for emphasized and prominent or soft and subtle looks using LightX's easy photo contrast editor.

Adjust image contrast either on background or foreground selectively

Frequently Asked Questions

Image contrast refers to the difference in brightness between the lightest and darkest parts of an image. You can edit image contrast to create visually appealing images with more visible and highlighted details. 

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