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Brighten up your photos with our easy-to-use Image Brightness Tool. Perfect for enhancing underexposed shots or adding a vibrant touch to your images, ensuring they look their best in every light.

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Image Brightness Adjustment Tool online

Steps to change photo brightness online

Step 1

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Start by uploading an image that requires brightness adjustment.

Step 2

Remove Background

Next, use the adjustment tool to add brightness to picture

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Change brightness picture online

Adjust image brightness online using LightX editor

The term "brightness" describes how generally dark or light the image is. Brightness is typically utilized in picture enhancement since it is the most basic image control parameter. The center point brightness of the entire image is changed via the brightness adjustment feature, which affects the tone curve. Brightness depends on the wavelength and amplitude. Apart from color, the only other attribute that processing techniques can utilize to quantitatively alter the image is pixel brightness, making it a vital component of digital images. One of the simplest image processing tasks to perform is adjusting image brightness. These entail bringing each of the red, green, and blue color components' brightness levels to the required level.

Increase or decrease image brightness using the Brightness slider

 Brighten Your Image to Quickly Enhance Details

The sliders in the Light panel can be used to manually adjust image brightness of your image or to fine-tune the results of the Auto button. Despite their different tonal ranges, all of these sliders work the same way. Drag to the left to dim the light, while dragging to the right to brighten it. Increasing picture brightness by adding a positive constant to all of its pixel values. We can also darken the image by subtracting a positive constant from each pixel value. Adjusting picture brightness is one of the most fundamental image processing operations. Simply apply the desired brightness change to each of the red, green, and blue color components.

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AI-based foreground and background mask detection

Have you taken a picture at night that is now too dull? Worry not, as the LightX editor, makes it simple to improve the brightness of a photo in a few clicks. You can separately adjust the whole image. AI-based automatic mask selection can easily detect foreground and background. Adjust the brightness using slider values of the selected mask to get awesome results with AI-based foreground and background brightness adjustment detection. If an image is overly bright, adjust the brightness as needed to get the desired effects. Use the online photo adjuster in LightX editor to produce photos with a polished, finely balanced appearance. With LightX editor, make your photographs stand out and have a professional design.

Change brightness of image on background or foreground selectively

Frequently Asked Questions

Brightness is a common editing phenomenon that determines how light or dark your photo is. Unlike exposure, adjusting brightness impacts all pixels of an image equally. 

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