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Change photo hue Online

Hue refers to the dominant wavelength of light that our eyes perceive as color, but you can think of it as the base color on the color palette. The Hue of the color is described as “red” or “yellow” etc. Hue is One of the three primary characteristics of color. The Hue adjustment makes the image more vivid and sharp. Basically, Reds, greens, blues, oranges, etc. are all examples of hues. Adjust the hue in your pictures in no time. Be it pictures for your business, brand, or profile, they will always grab the attention of people. No one knows the secret of your quality pictures.

Change hue in picture using the Hue slider

Change the hue of a picture Effectively

Adjusting the hue allows you to shift the color values of your images, which can drastically change the expressional impact of your pictures. changing the hue online to achieve a complementary color can create an image that is aesthetically balanced and wholesome. Hue adjustments are used to make small, steady changes to manipulate image's colors. Set the tone of your picture according to your taste in LightX editor. Whether you want to keep it warm undertone or give it a funky look, adjust hue in the picture to greens, blues, and reds efficiently.

Change hue of image along with saturation

Hue Adjustment in Photos

You can find the hue correction tool under the color section of the adjustment panel. The most amazing feature LightX provides is that you can either adjust the hue in a picture as a whole or you can adjust the hue of your main subject in the foreground section and the background in the background section respectively. LightX’s unique AI-based technology is well designed for automatic mask detection of foreground or background in an Image.The perfect hue setting tool of LightX will allow you to adjust the colors by just moving the slider. When you are a novice it’s not possible for you to create professionally edited pictures. But now with the LightX tool, it is possible for you too!

AI image background and foreground detection to adjust hue selectively

Frequently Asked Questions

The three main colors—red, blue, and yellow—as well as the three secondary colors—orange, green, and violet—found in the color wheel or color circle—combine to form hues. you're talking about its unadulterated hue or the rainbow's visible spectrum of primary hues.

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