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girl in white with different background color

Steps to Edit the Background of Your Image

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Use the Color Splash Tool

Edit the background of your image using the Color Splash tool

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Edit Background of Photo for an Enhanced Visual Appeal

Photo Background Editor to Edit Background Colors

For all the times when the background in your picture becomes bothersome, LightX’s Color Splash tool, a free and online image background editor is the solution. Make the background more appealing by adding a new and suitable color to it. Enjoy an intuitive interface and range of professional features to edit the background of your photo in nothing more than a few clicks and seconds. Not only one or two but play around with multiple colors!

Girl in black top with 2 different background colors

Effortless Background Selection

With LightX's Color Splash tool to edit images’ backgrounds, you can finally skip the time-consuming task of manually selecting the background again and again and editing it. Use its set of 6 selection tools to restore or erase any part of the background as needed for editing. Select areas of the background one by one for a precise and catchy effect in the end. Upon successful selection, get to selectively colorize only the chosen area.

Girl in pink skirt with different background colors

Colorize Quickly With Adjustment

With the 'Adjustment' feature of LightX's Color Splash tool, edit, and color the background of your photo with a completely new, striking, and suitable shade. Experience a comprehensive editing experience with different options under ‘Adjustment,’ categorized as, Light, Gamma, Color, and White Balance. Simply move any required slider under any category and notice the instant incredible transition in the color on the background of your image.

Children at beach with 3 different background colors

Frequently Asked Questions

The background is an essential part of any photo. It gives context and more narrative to a picture. A well-looking background instantly adds more meaning to the photo and improves its overall composition.

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