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Delight in the swift creation of unique, personalised illustrations with LightX's seamless text to illustration generation. Derive every illustration in an array of stunning styles like realistic, 3D or cartoon with this advanced illustration AI generator!


Have Your AI Generated Illustration In Varied Styles

AI generated illustration
create a colorful illustration of an ancient city with a bell tower and a castle in vibrant colors and highly detailed
AI illustration styles
generate a high-quality illustration of a white fluffy golden retriever in the countryside with a floral yard
AI generated illustration designs
digital illustration of a vintage car in a city during golden hour
AI story illustration generator
create a Children’s book illustration of a cat in a colorful tropical jungle inspired by fauvist palette

How To Generate an AI Illustration Design?

Step 1

Describe Your Illustration

In the prompt box, describe the illustration art you want by providing details about the subject, concept, colours, and more.

Step 2

Choose Your Illustration Style

Choose from various preset AI illustration styles. Each style offers an illustration with a unique appeal.

Step 3

Generate & Download

Click "Generate” to start the image generation, download the image when ready, and create variations if necessary.

Personalised Text To Illustration Generation In an Instant

Illustration creation with AI automation, catering to designers, enthusiasts, and individuals of all AI proficiency levels! With the LightX AI for illustrations, instantly obtain personalised, detail-rich illustrations through text prompts. This AI illustration generator from text offers you complete control over the design, colour palette, composition, perspective, and emotional impact of the illustration. Alternatively, you can try LightX’s AI illustration generator from photo that lets you transform any image or rough drawing into an excellent illustration.

AI illustration generator from text

High-Resolution AI Illustrations Perfect For Any Project

Achieve original AI generated illustration outputs, spanning characters, icons, emoticons, symbols, animals, nature elements, AI book illustration, and beyond - the list is endless. These immersive illustrations by LightX's AI based illustration generator emerge in a high-resolution PNG file format, which makes them perfect for usage across varied digital materials, such as web or marketing graphics, social media posts or stories, storyboarding, personal projects, and so much more.

Free ai illustration tool

Frequently Asked Questions

Make a 3D illustration art in LightX’s AI illustration generator by simply describing your 3D concept in the text prompt box and selecting a suitable style. The AI algorithms will interpret your provided description and generate artwork based on it. Finally, you can download and save your generated AI illustration PNG or make further adjustments to it as necessary.

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