AI Digital Art Generator: Expand Your Creative Horizons

Transform your envisioned art digitally! Generate unique artworks tailored to your desired themes or forms seamlessly by integrating custom text prompts with preset art styles within the advanced AI digital art generator.


Explore Different Digital Art Styles

AI Generated digital art styles
16 year old boy in comic book style, bright bubblegum colors, glasses, digital art
AI Generated digital art surrealism
portrait of penelope cruze, abstract, polygon style, 3d
Hyper realistic digital painting Art created by AI
tall man with brown skin, dark green hair, siren eyes,  baggy clothes, and edgy face structure surrounded by nature
Creative original ai art
animated cute girl character for youtube icon, comic book art style, bokeh, short brown hair, smiling, blue eyes

How To Generate AI Digital Art Images?

Step 1

Enter Text Prompt

Describe the image you want by providing details about composition, hues, and more.

Step 2

Choose Image Style

Choose from various preset styles inspired by famous artists and art styles.

Step 3

Generate & Download

Click "Generate," download the image when ready, and create variations if necessary.

Create Artworks With Text Prompts And Digital Art Styles

Gone are the days of traditional methods of art creation. LightX's AI digital art tool, the genius of AI, empowers you to transform your imagination into a visual wonder faster than you think.
Give the AI a few words as a text prompt, such as "A Surrealism digital art of mountains," choose from different digital art styles, and witness the algorithms orchestrate a masterpiece in exceptional quality, effectively translating your envisioned idea, concepts, or emotion.

Generate Digital Art through text

The Ultimate 2D And 3D AI Art Generator For You

Achieve the hallmark of 2D and 3D AI art generation with LightX's AI digital art generator.
Craft captivating paintings, drawings, and illustrations in flat, 2D digital art. Or, create realistic humans, animals, or fantastical creatures, environments, or objects with depth, volume, and textures with the support of the 3D AI art generator. These artworks require a great dose of creativity, and LightX's digital art AI tool ensures that regardless of your artistic skills.

3D AI art generator Create stunning 3D art with AI

Printable AI Digital Art Maker: From Pixels To Paper!

Here's to adding more to your excitement! The printable AI artworks are made possible with LightX!
Seamlessly combine custom text prompts with AI-powered digital art styles to generate stunning, original AI art that fascinates the viewers every time they see it. For an offline encounter, easily download your digital AI art to your device in a high resolution, which offers the flexibility to obtain printouts at your convenience anytime.

Dreams in pixels with generative digital art

Frequently Asked Questions

With the LightX AI, the possibilities are endless. Create Surrealism digital art, abstract art, sci-fi-themed digital art, character design art, landscape art, anime or manga form art, cartoon style digital art, and many more.

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