AI Painting Generator: Experience a Palette Of Possibilities!

Crafting a personalized painting is just a text prompt away! With LightX's AI painting generator from text, create a painting of any era or type. All it takes is seconds - enter your text prompt, select a suitable painting preset, and your AI painting is ready!


Explore An Array Of AI Styles For Paintings

AI watercolor painting generator
modern woman pop background, sunglasses, pop art
AI oil painting generator
abstract color portrait of scarlet johanson, polygon pixel style 3d ((abstract art))
Generate painting with ai
 a mid-20s artist girl with emerald eyes and wavy raven-black hair, wearing a paint-streaked jacket, ultra-realistic, ((watercolor painting))
AI canvas painting generator
beautiful oil painting of girl looking towards the camera , garden in the background, ((oil painting))

How To Generate AI Paintings?

Step 1

Enter Text Prompt

Describe the image you want by providing details about the scene, color palette, and more.

Step 2

Choose Image Style

Choose from various preset styles inspired by famous painters and painting styles.

Step 3

Generate & Download

Click "Generate," download the image when ready, and create variations if necessary.

An AI Painter That Uses Text And Preset Styles

LightX redefines painting with its groundbreaking AI painter. Describe your vision through text prompts, choose from diverse preset styles, and let the advanced text-to-image algorithms translate them into a breathtaking AI generated painting. Whether you are an artist, hobbyist, or anyone interested in paintings, LightX is one easy platform for you!

AI Painter to create ai paintings

From AI Renaissance Painting To Oil Painting: Get Them All!

What would you want the AI to paint for you digitally?
Well, here's the exciting part - the possibilities are endless with LightX's AI painting generator. You can turn words into paintings inspired by iconic eras, such as the Renaissance, Baroque, Cubism, or Pop Art. Obtain varied popular forms of paintings, including watercolor, abstract, oil, realistic, and many others. For example, “Ancient bridge reaching the sky, dabbing brushstrokes.”

AI renaissance painting

Derive an AI Generated Painting By Any Renowned Painter

Share a passion for the timeless artistry of legendary painters?
Craft personalized paintings influenced by the unique styles of Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Rembrandt, Monet, Van Gogh, Picasso, Frida Kahlo, and many others. For instance, in LightX's AI painter, enter a text prompt like "A mythology Renaissance painting inspired by Van Gogh” and watch the magic happen.

ai painting generator from text

Excel At Creating an AI Painting: Unmissable Tips!

Craft your own creative paintings effortlessly with LightX. When utilizing its AI painting generator, consider the following tips for authentic and desired results:


Specify your preferred pigment, such as vibrant tone, earthy shades, synthetic hues, etc.


Clarify if you want a complete scene or a digital painting on surfaces like canvas, wood, walls, or metal.


Define the AI painting style like watercolor washes, oil glazes, impasto textures, pointillism's dotting, and more.


Share essential details, including brush strokes, lighting, and other nuances.

A vibrant AI painting of Pointillism

Frequently Asked Questions

Within your text prompt, clarity and specificity are a must. Avoid vague prompts like "beautiful scenery." Use keywords and terminology the AI would understand to share details of the scenery, weather, lighting, mood, or brushstrokes. For example,  if you want an AI generated oil painting, enter a prompt like “A snow-covered mountain at sunrise.” Mention the artist reference if you have any in mind combined with your own creative twist in the prompt. Further, select the preset oil painting style and your painting will be ready. For more or better results, easily refine your text prompt.

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