AI Face Generator: Craft Random Realistic And Artistic Faces

Experience the revolutionary text-to-image technology of LightX's AI face generator from text to craft male and female AI faces - a realistic human face, artistic fantasy or anime character face effortlessly.


Create AI Generated Faces In Multiple Styles

A diverse collection of AI generated faces with different ethnicities,
close-up portrait of 60 year old woman, palm leaves background, fashion editorial style inspired by summer fashion editorial
AI generated male face
Indian male model, smiling, long hair
AI generated female face
beautiful woman, fashion model, glamour, cute
AI generated faces in multiple styles
female soccer football player in short hair and green jersey

How To Create an AI Face?

Step 1

Enter Text Prompt

Describe the face you want by providing details about the features, gender, expression, and more.

Step 2

Choose Image Style

Choose from presets inspired by hyper-realistic or numerous other artistic styles.

Step 3

Generate & Download

Click "Generate," download the image when ready, and create variations if necessary.

Random AI Face Generator From Text Prompts

Imagine if a face straight out of your imagination could come to life! That's what LightX's face AI tool does!
In just a few words, obtain AI generated faces. Simply type in a text prompt and select a preset style, if you wish. Within seconds, the algorithms will generate AI face flawlessly.
LightX's AI face generator from text is your all-in-one AI facial synthesis tool.


Create diverse faces with or without hair, accessories, and makeup.


Apply any emotion on the face, from happy to grumpy expressions.


Conjure up a young, adult, or old face of any gender and skin tone.


Generate a head pose from either a frontal or side view.

Random AI face generator

Male And Female AI Generated Human Faces

Explore an AI human face that may not even exist with LightX’s text-to-image generation! Derive a completely realistic AI generated female face and male face of any ethnicity. For example, AI generated Indian faces, American faces, and many others!
What can you do with these AI generated faces of humans? Design a face portrait, utilize it as your own stock image, placeholder in a mockup design, or face headshot for marketing.
LightX's AI face generator is a faster alternative to the manual creation of human facial images, delivering more realism, detailing, and accuracy.

AI generated woman and man Face

Generate AI Face In Diverse Styles: Fantasy, Anime, And More!

Hey, don't stop at just AI generated human faces! LightX takes it up a notch by letting you generate AI face in all sorts of cool artistic styles!
Think lifelike fantasy faces - an AI generated face of male inspired by Mr. Tumnus or Captain Jack Sparrow. Or an AI generated female face like Maleficent, and many others.
Cartoon, cyberpunk, anime, or illustrative, discover many more face AI styles.
Easily use these face avatars as your gaming profile picture or themed fictional character design.

AI generated human faces in different styles

Frequently Asked Questions

Being trained on vast datasets, LightX's AI real face generator offers stunningly accurate, realistic, and detailed human faces, blurring the line between reality and artificiality.

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