AI Person Generator: Personification Of Your Imagination!

Deriving a random hyper-realistic or artistic AI generated person and people becomes seamless with LightX's advanced text-to-image AI person generator for full body, including face, clothes, hair, etc.


Generate AI Humans In a Bunch Of Styles

Create Realistic Virtual Humans With AI
beautiful girl standing with a beautiful valley in background, black short hair, smiling, beautiful eyes, sweet makeup, photorealistic, 8k
AI person generator full body
realistic photo of old men dressed as bikers with aviator leather jacket, trendy, ultra-detailed
AI face and body generator
young male model in  a white suit, in front of the skyline of rome, sunny day, realistic, 4k
Smiling Asian girl with short hair, generated using AI
7-year-old girl with brown eyes and short hair wearing green and blue street clothing, fantasy, cinematic

How To Create an AI Person?

Step 1

Enter Text Prompt

Describe the person you want by providing details about the facial features, body, and more.

Step 2

Choose Image Style

Choose from preset styles inspired by individuals of diverse ethnicities.

Step 3

Generate & Download

Click "Generate," download the image when ready, and create variations if necessary.

Obtain an AI Generated Human Using Text Prompts

Your go-to for digitally bringing a whole random person to life is here - LightX's AI person generator full body tool! Face, pose, clothes, hair – it flawlessly crafts it all.
And guess what? Getting started, as well, is a breeze! Just type your text prompt and pick a suitable preset style to give your prompt a form in the LightX AI human generator. The algorithms will automatically give you the human avatar you envisioned in seconds. It's that awesome!

AI person generator from text

Get a Realistic AI Generated Person: Male Or Female!

What's your priority when going for an AI generated human? It's gotta be a realistic visual person, right?
Well, LightX takes care of that. It ensures the generation of unique, hyper-realistic AI humans, both male and female. Generate creative, artistic AI human portraits, as well. Delight in customization flexibility - control the age, facial features, body proportions, and other aspects anytime through text prompt.
With LightX's advanced AI person generator, it's a smooth, seamless, and effortless journey all the way!

AI random person generator Male and Female

Create an AI Person Or People With Any Ethnicity

Your imagination gets beautifully personified here!
Whether you're an artist, designer, or tech enthusiast, LightX's AI person generator from text is the ultimate tool for everyone, irrespective of their AI expertise.
It's not just a person generator; it's an AI people generator, too! Create one or more unique individuals of any desired ethnicity,  background, and even profession with the mix of your custom prompt and pre-made style.
Your fictional AI generated people or persons can work wonders as a stock image or a random human digital character for a gaming profile.

Generate realistic and diverse people with AI Human generator.

Why Choose LightX’s AI Human Generator? Here’s Every Reason!

LightX's AI person generator from text can prove to be a total game-changer for you!
It offers an array of top benefits like no other:


AI face and body generator for a random human that may not exist.


Generate a person of any gender - male or female with any face, hair, clothes, body type, posture, or culture.


Realistic AI people generator, each with distinctive characteristics.


Accessibility and simplicity like never before.


An AI person maker with daily free credits.

Create your imaginative person with  AI People generator

Frequently Asked Questions

Humanize your imagination with simple, descriptive text prompts in LightX's AI person creator. State the essential details, such as age, skin, personality, etc., clearly to the desired digital person avatar generation.

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