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Discover Your Anime AI Art In Varied Styles

Explore AI anime art styles
generate a male anime character with red hair with anime background from the series slice of life
AI anime manga style
bold and charming female anime character with long vibrant color hair and floral hair clip
AI anime drawing style
anime-style portrait of a character with wolf ears, yellow vertical pupils eyes, and medium-long white hair with long bangs wearing Harajuku-style clothing
90s anime art with AI
generate a female character of a shonen with orange hair with bold lines

How To Generate an AI Anime Art?


Describe Your Anime Artwork:
In the prompt box, describe the anime art you want by providing details about the subgenre, character, and scene you have envisioned.


Choose Your Artwork Style:
Choose from various preset styles inspired by captivating aesthetics found in varied anime artwork designs.


Choose Your Artwork Size:
Select the desired size for your generated anime art - portrait, landscape, or square sizes are available.


Generate & Download:
Click "Generate” to start the image generation, download the image when ready, and create variations if necessary.

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AI Anime Image Generator From Text

Transform your imagination into stunning anime art with LightX's AI anime image generator. Through text prompts, describe your vision or reference your favourite anime, combine it with a suitable style preset, and watch as a masterpiece unfolds before your eyes. Alternatively, enjoy the flexibility to create anime AI art from a photo or transition your rough sketch or drawing to anime art.

AI Anime Image Generator from Text

Create AI Anime Art In Artistic Versatility

There are diverse aesthetics of popular anime sub-genres that you can reflect in your anime AI art creations via text prompts. Go for Shojo, typically featuring girls with large eyes, longer limbs, and thin linework. Opt for Shounen, which presents a boy with a spiky hairstyle and a dynamic action scene. For mature themes with detailed backgrounds, try Seinen. The possibilities with LightX's AI art generator anime style are endless!

AI anime artwork styles

Define Core Elements For Anime AI Art Generation

Every great anime art shares some key elements. Craft characters with expressive eyes, exaggerated features, vibrant clothing or hairstyle. Ensure a simple or detailed background scene in your anime AI art generation, complementing the overall composition. Consider all these elements when writing your text prompt in LightX's AI anime art generator to authentically mirror the desired anime genre and personality.

Free AI anime generator online

Try AI Generated Anime In Varied Techniques

In LightX's anime art generator, get to experiment with popular anime art techniques through your prompts. Apply "Chiaroscuro" for dramatic lighting, "Foreshortening" to create depth in composition, "Motion blur" to add dynamic movement, or "Speed lines" to evoke a sense of speed. Try these and more techniques for a personalised AI generated anime art that tells a captivating story.

Create anime AI art from photo

Enrich Prompt With Keywords For Ideal Anime Artwork

The key to a perfect output by an AI art generator for anime is a well-written prompt. Make sure to be specific! Further, incorporate some trigger words to guide the anime art AI to generate your intended artwork flawlessly.


Cute and innocent appearance: Moe, Chibi, Shoujo.


Dark and mysterious appearance: Dark fantasy, Gothic lolita.


Action-packed character and scene: Dynamic pose, Shonen, High fantasy.


Sci-Fi tech theme: Cyberpunk, Mecha, Futuristic cityscape.


Romantic theme: Shoujo, Blush, Soft colours.


Fantasy world theme: Elves, Dragons, Magical girl.


Historical theme: Wagara (Japanese clothing), Samurai, Traditional village.

Get AI generated artwork with text prompt

Frequently Asked Questions

Try to be as detailed as possible. The more detailed your prompt, the more accurately the anime art AI generator will interpret your vision and generate the desired anime artwork.

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