AI Book Cover Generator

Create book covers online using text prompts and a selection of styles tailored for genres like fantasy, fan fiction, non-fiction, comics, autobiographies, and more. Unlock access to high-quality, printable AI-generated book covers, including standout covers for audiobooks and ebooks.


Appeal Your Audience By Creating Book Covers In Different Artistic Styles

AI Create Book Covers in Different Styles
storybook cover of a cute fox kit sitting in a fantasy forest full of flowers and butterflies flying
AI novel cover maker
generate a romantic book cover of a girl and a boy reading a magical love book on a beautiful night
AI 3D book cover generator
white and gold throne in the dawn clouds, light clasps coming out of the throne
AI Story book cover generator
create a cartoon style storybook cover with a small boy and a tall older girl holding a brown old spell book, fairy dust surrounding the characters from the magic treehouse in the background

How To Make an AI Book Cover Design?


Describe Your Book Cover
In the prompt box, describe the book cover you want by providing details about the genre, theme, and key imagery you have envisioned. Alternatively, you can choose from preset templates.


Choose Your Cover Style
Choose from various preset styles inspired by captivating aesthetics found in varied book cover designs. Or, customise your select template with images, text, and more.


Choose Your Cover Size
Select the desired size for your generated book cover portrait, landscape, or square sizes are available.


Generate & Download
Click "Generate” to start the image generation, download the image when ready, and create variations if necessary.

AI book cover designer for books

AI-Generated Book Cover For Physical Books, Ebooks, Audiobooks

Hey there, authors and publishers! Experience LightX's game-changing AI-powered cover designer for every possible "Book." Just enter your text prompt describing the book's essence and cover details, and voilà! Utilise this book front cover maker to craft engaging printable covers for your physical books. Design covers for audiobooks or create ebook cover online effortlessly. Whichever you need - Wattpad, Amazon Audible, or Amazon Kindle cover creator - LightX's AI tool is your all-in-one solution, guaranteeing top-quality, professional-looking results.

AI generated book covers for all types of books

Digital Book Cover Creator For Fictional Fantasy And Sci-fi Stories

Want fictional book covers that spark readers' curiosity and perfectly reflect your fantastical world? Look no further than LightX's ebook and book cover art creator! Achieve striking covers that perfectly depict your story world's characters and mood as guided via your text prompt. From epic fantasy to enticing sci-fi or heartwarming romance, LightX's AI digital book cover creator excels in catering to all fictional genres. The greatest advantage? No design experience is needed here in LightX to create ebook cover online - you are all covered!

Digital book covers for fictional stories and more

Create Book Cover Online For Fan-Fictions With AI

The best ebook cover creator for your fan fiction is here! Whether you are reimagining your favourite characters or celebrities in a new universe or exploring an exciting alternate ending, simply describe the plot and subject - watch as LightX's AI book cover generator creates exceptional story cover designs featuring them. Want an extra personalised and enhanced touch? Create book cover online by uploading a photo of your favourite and then entering text prompts. This blend of imagery and a text prompt ensures a fan-fiction ebook cover so beautiful, that the audience will be enchanted at first sight!

AI book front cover maker for books

Non-Fictional Book Cover AI Generator: True Crime, History, And More

Seeking a historical novel cover maker? Or, a true-crime ebook cover designer? With LightX, you can generate covers for any non-fictional genre using custom text prompts. To make sure these AI book and ebook covers are as informative as they are captivating, LightX's book cover AI generator lets you customise them with text and more in its photo editor. And if you feel uninspired to begin or need a creative boost, LightX's book cover art creator provides pre-made, editable ebook cover templates for a jumpstart.

AI generate Book Covers in seconds

Make Your Own Book Cover Free For Biographies, Auto-Biographies

Penning a biography of iconic figures? Create book or ebook covers that perfectly complement your work and honour the legends with custom text prompts in LightX's AI-powered book front cover maker. However, Alternatively, if you're crafting an autobiography or memoir, a cover starring you is always the ideal choice. Thus, LightX offers you AI-generated book covers with your photo, as well. Customise the cover designs with the desired font and graphics. Picture this, the ability to make your own book cover for free, one as interesting as the experiences within your auto-biography or memoir. Nothing better!

Make your own book cover Using AI

Frequently Asked Questions

To make your book cover art generated by LightX's book or ebook cover design free tool perfectly reflects the tone of your book's genre, ensure to provide key details about the genre and the desired aesthetics in the text prompt. Be clear and descriptive, and the tool will adjust the design accordingly.

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