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Change AVI to MP4 for Improved Usage

When seamless playback comes into play, AVI video file format is supported by platforms, such as Windows, macOS, or Linux. However, it offers limited native support on some devices or web browsers. This is where MP4 helps! Convert AVI to MP4 for wide compatibility across smartphones, tablets, computers, smart TVs, popular operating systems, and most web browsers. Enjoy the added advantage of compression efficiency, streaming support, better device compatibility, and enhanced editing capability. Get started right away with LightX's AVI to MP4 converter to switch to MP4 format with a click! 

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How to Convert AVI to MP4

If you are looking for an easy and quick Video Converter, LightX is one of the best! You do not have to install any heavy software or need any extra skills for video conversion. Get to convert video files online in just a few clicks. To change AVI to MP4, vis LightX's website and select the Video Converter tool under Editor Tools. Next, upload the AVI video that you wish to convert. Select MP4 as the format to change your AVI file to. Next, start the conversion. And there you go! You have your MP4 format video from the AVI format ready in just a few seconds.

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Edit and Personalize Your MP4 Videos

Apart from the video converting tool, LightX has a variety of other video editing tools, as well, to make your video more enticing. Using these tools, you can give a custom look to your video. You can add music or voiceover, stickers, animated text, photos and so much more to your videos. You can trim the video and mute its audio, too. To save yourself some effort and time, along with creating attractive videos, you can try ready-to-use video templates in LightX. Choose from multiple template designs and edit as you like. Using LightX’s AVI to MP4 converter, you can easily convert the video clips in no time and customize! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

AVI or Audio Video Interleave is a popular multimedia container format. Microsoft introduced it in November 1992 as a part of the video format exclusively for Windows technology. Using the AVI video file, one can contain the audio and video data together allowing proper synchronous audio with video playback. Due to its high compatibility, this video format is mostly used as a DV-AVI standard that can be compressed easily compared to other audio and video formats. 

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