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Steps to Convert WebM Videos

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Change WebM Videos to Any Format

Convert WebM Videos Online for Free

Is the WebM format not working for you? Use LightX’s online video converter to solve this in an instant. Change your WebM video file format to any other desired and suitable format effectively. Change to MP4, AVI, MPEG, WEBM, MOV, MKV, GIF, M4V, WMV, TS, VOB, FLV, and SWF. The video conversion tool in LightX changes the file format from WebM to your chosen one without any noticeable loss to the quality of a video. You can not only convert a video into other formats but also customize the converted videos by adding music, stickers, etc.

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How to Convert WebM Videos

LightX offers a robust free online tool to convert WebM video files to multiple formats with just a single click. It lets you convert video files from WebM format efficiently and hassle-free. All you need to do is upload your file, select the file format for video conversion, and download the file once the transformation is successful. LightX’s WebM converter will help you convert the desired video file into a particular format for any and every social media platform like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc.

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Customize Videos After Conversion

You can customize and enhance the converted video very quickly. LightX offers an extensive collection of tools that make your videos a hundred times more appealing. You can add text, stickers, illustrations, audio, and more to your video files. It also has a huge collection of editable video templates for different video genres. Convert and customize videos and utilize them for different digital purposes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

WebM format is a free format that is designed for sharing videos on the web. It stores both audio and video data.

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