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Change Any Video File to MPEG

Make Videos MPEG With LightX's Video Converter

Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG) is a great video format to store movies and films. MPEG video files offer a high level of compression, along with good quality. You can upload them on various platforms like YouTube and Facebook. MPEG videos are also easier to stream and quicker to download. Using LightX's online, free and professional Video Converter, you can change any video to MPEG in a few seconds only. Whether you have an MP4 video, an AVI video, an MOV video, or any other format video file, change any and all to MPEG easily.

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How to Convert Video to MPEG

Using LightX’s tool for converting videos, experience a fast and automatic video conversion process. To begin, open on your browser. Once you are on the website, hover over the Editor Tools and from the drop-down list select Video Converter. Upload your video of any format to change it to MPEG. You will be then redirected to the tool's screen. Upon reaching the same, select the uploaded video's existing format in the Convert From section and MPEG in the Convert To section. Click More Settings to adjust Quality, FPS, Resolution, etc. When done, click Convert Now. In the end, click Download to save your new MPEG video file to your device.

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Customize Video With Different Tools & Features

Does it feel like your converted MPEG video lacks a spark? Get an opportunity to add it to your video with LightX's amazing video customization tools. Explore multiple video editing tools to apply a personal touch and appeal to your video. Add animated text to make your video more engaging. Insert suitable voice-over or music either from LightX's extensive music library or your device. Put stickers, as well, in the video to beautify it more. Add many more elements to your video with the one and only - LightX! Enjoy a wide range of editable video templates, too, in the Template Editor.

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Frequently Asked Questions

MPEG is an amazing format for backing up videos on CDs and DVDs. It is incredible when your video is a movie or a film. It allows the video to provide high compression, thus occupying less space and offering high quality. On the other hand, MP4 is a highly versatile, flexible, and commonly used format. To conclude, both formats serve different purposes. Each is good in its own way. It all depends upon your requirement.

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