Color splash effect in photo editing

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One of the most exciting things about photo editing is the ability to transform a picture and completely change it’s meaning. You can enhance the features of a picture, brighten it up, change the contrast, bring out it’s true colors or change the colors altogether! There is so much to photo editing than just basic functions. Color splash is another effect you can add to your picture to make quirk it up.

Color splash effect is a unique photo effect where the whole picture is first turned to black and white. Then color is added back to one specific part of the picture. Not only this, you can even change the color of one specific part of the image, even if it is not in greyscale. This effect adds a whole lot of meaning to your picture and makes it speak on it’s own. While choosing a picture for the color splash effect, make sure it has a lot of bright colors. Rich, saturated pictures make a better option for this effect. Also make sure the part of the picture that you wish to color splash occupies a large area in the picture. Otherwise the effect will not look significant.

color splash effect, example of color splash effect
Color Splash effect in grey scale picture

The color splash effect draws attention or brings out the details in a certain part of the picture. Apart from pictures, it is used in TV and films. It is a great option to create ad campaigns, posters and even simple customised wallpapers since it gives a sharp visual appeal.

color splash effect, change color in a picture, change color in picture
It is a fun and easy effect to work with. With continuous practice and experience  you will be able to create pictures which will keep the onlookers mesmerized. color
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