AI-Powered Photo Invitation Generator

Create invitation card online, effortlessly and instantly, using LightX's cutting-edge AI photo invitation generator. Just upload your photo, and let AI deliver a professional, high-quality, printable output that you can easily personalise.

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AI Invitation Generator

How To Generate an AI Invitation

Step 1

Upload Image

Just upload the photo, and AI will automatically place it in a bunch of different invitation templates.

Step 2

Choose and Customize

Select the template that suits your needs and personalize it to your preferences by adding your event details.

Step 3

Download and Save

Now, simply download the final image to save it to your device, where you can also adjust the resolution or size.

AI-Automated Invitation Maker For Digital Or Printable Designs

Sometimes starting from a blank canvas can be daunting. Having a variety of templates to start from can inspire and give you a starting point for your creative processes.


Enjoy instant, effortless creation through tailored AI invitation templates.


Experience professional-grade designing by AI.


Generate design variations in one click.


Achieve high-quality, editable, and downloadable outputs.

Create invitation in seconds with AI

Personalise Your AI Invitation With Varied Editing Features

Make your invitation designs in LightX's invitation card generator truly yours with varied personalisation features. Maintain the default square format or resize. Apply the preferred colour scheme or corrections with simple adjustments. Edit your AI party invitation design with essential details of the venue and time in tasteful typography, or elevate appeal with stickers and illustrations. Additionally you can also create your own invitations backgrounds using LightX's text to image and have full creativity control of the design for an invitation as unique as your celebration.

Get personalized invitation with AI

Formal Or Informal Invitation Designing With Virtual Invitation Creator

Witness the immense versatility of LightX's party invitation generator, empowering you to craft diverse formal and informal invitation designs.


Event Invitations: Make invitations for a myriad of events, including corporate functions, sports events, fundraisers, academic gatherings, cultural events, and more.


Personal Invitations: Design invitations for life milestones, including weddings, birthdays, graduations, engagements, baby showers, etc. Tailor invitations for holiday parties and festival celebrations.


Social Gathering Invitations: Create invitation cards online for casual social gatherings like parties, BBQs, picnics, dinners, or game nights.

AI generated  formal and informal Invitation

Frequently Asked Questions

LightX's virtual invitation creator generates your invitation design in the JPEG file format.

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