Virtual Outfit Try-On: Change Clothes In Photos With AI

Introducing LightX’s AI photo outfit changer, your virtual stylist to change the outfit using AI in pictures. Explore diverse fashion choices effortlessly for both men and women using preset styles or text-to-image generation. 

AI generated virtual outfit try on

How To Virtually Try On Clothes With AI 

Step 1

Upload a Photo

Select an in-focus photo of yourself you want to apply the virtual outfit try on to

Step 2

Choose an Outfit

Explore the diverse range of AI outfits available and select the one you like or write a custom prompt to create your own outfit

Step 3

Generate And Download

Click on “Generate" to apply the virtual outfit. Download the generated image to device

Demin Shirt made by using AI

Smart Dressing With Pre-Made AI Outfit Styles

Dress up in pictures with a wide array of one-click preset styles by LightX’s AI women's and men's outfit generator. Explore endless looks effortlessly.

Demin Shirt made by using AI
Tropical Print Shirt Generated by AI
AI formal attire generator

AI Outfit Generator For a Virtual Try-on In Photos 

Step into the future of fashion with LightX’s AI outfit changer with endless possibilities! With a single image upload and one-click outfit styles, achieve realistic AI-generated outfits accurately in your photos. 

ai clothes changer Online

AI Tool to Remove Clothing and Replacing with Exciting Outfits

LightX AI can remove clothes from image and replace them with whatever outfit you want. This game-changer for the fashion world lets you virtually try on clothes without actually having them. AI clothes remover and replacer work like magic with unparalleled realism. You can choose new clothes, and LightX will make it look like they were there all along.

change clothes on photo using AI

Get Ready for the Holidays in Style with AI Festive Outfits 

When the festive magic is in the air, leave no opportunity to dress up for the occasion. Do so without any purchasing or manual photo editing with AI-generated outfits by LightX. Whether it's Halloween, Diwali, Christmas, or your birthday bash, get the most stunning festive outfits in seconds with LightX virtual outfit try on! 

AI try on clothes for Festive and Holidays

Try Corporate Outfits In Images for Professional Photos 

LightX AI outfit creator ensures you a perfect professional attire transformation in your image. Whether it's a black tie, a gentleman's suit, or any other, the AI Outfit Changer crafts impeccable formal outfits that'll leave a lasting impression, all with just one image upload. 

AI image clothes generator for Corporate

Frequently Asked Questions

LightX’s AI virtual outfit try on filter is the only app that allows you to try on clothes for free. You can generate unique outfit styles based on your preferences for free. Utilize single-click styles or enter text prompts. 

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Explore AI Tools in LightX Mobile App for FREE
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