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Transform your message into an immersive experience with LightX's versatile slideshow video editor. Customize videos in seconds, add animated text and music, and enhance with transitions, filters, and effects. 

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How to Create Slideshow Video

Create a slideshow video with LightX Add graphic elements.

Choose Templates or Blank Canvas

Begin your video creation process by selecting one of two options: utilizing our customizable pre-made templates or by clicking on “Create from Scratch” to get a blank canvas.


Add Images, Videos, Music, and Graphics

Add your own images and videos, set the desired mood with music from the tool's library or your own, and strategically place graphic elements like stickers and animations.


Download the Video as an MP4 File

Click on the "Download" button, and specify the resolution and quality for your video. The video rendering process will take seconds. Once it’s ready, download it to your device.

Create Professional Videos with Templates

Discover the power of slideshow video editor- a swift, free tool that empowers you to modify your videos. Upload images and videos from your device or stock. Optimize their ratios as per your preference. With LightX’s simple interface, you'll be able to create spectacular slideshow videos easily.

Slideshow video in different backgrounds and layouts

Design Presentations with Text & Music

Make dynamic presentations with LightX’s slideshow video creator! Enhance your slides with animated text and a perfect soundtrack, transforming your message into an engaging experience. Add rhythm to your visuals effortlessly, making each slide an immersive journey.

Add music and text to your slideshow video with LightX

Add Animation Effects to Your Videos

Elevate the impact of your videos with our slideshow video maker. With smooth animations added to different elements, make every frame of the video seamlessly complement each other. Ignite your creativity as you transform ordinary videos into extraordinary visual masterpieces.

Add animation effects to your slideshow video with LightX

Edit for Social Media with Slideshow Video Maker

Create aesthetically appealing videos using LightX’s professional slideshow maker, designed to fit every social media platform perfectly. Tailor-made sizes ensure your content stands out effortlessly on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Effortlessly share your message with the world in a variety of sizes.

Slideshow video with animated stickers & social media icon

Frequently Asked Questions

A slideshow video is a video presentation that presents a series of pictures or slides in a dynamic way. These photographs or slides are typically observed by means of tune, text overlays, transitions, and effects to create a visually appealing and informative video.

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