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Make fun doodles on photos with LightX App

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Doodling is just the best form of art, really! You don’t need to think, you don’t need to conceptualize, nothing! Just some lines here and some shapes there. You just let it flow. Want to jazz up your Instagram post or story? The background seems plain? Lack of colors in the photo? Worry not! Just doodle on your photos! Drawing and doodling on photos is an easy and fun method to make your photos feel lively and colorful. Read on to find out how to make doodles on photos with LightX App. The Doodle Tool of LightX App is all you need to make fun edits to your photos.

Trace your way!

Clicked a great photo but somehow it still feels incomplete? Trace your way along the outlines of the photo. Doodle on the photo with LightX App. Choose one or more than one colors and start tracing along the outlines of your photo. The colors can be matching to your photo or be completely different. It all depends on you since doodling is supposed to be fun! Doodling on pictures app wise is such a breeze that once you get a hang of it, you won’t be able to stop! Use the different styles of lines or choose from the given shapes in LightX App.

doodles on photos, girl photo, girl laughing, outline doodle, LightX editor, photo editor, line doodle
Trace along the outline of your subject

doodles on photos, girl photo, girl laughing, heart doodle, LightX editor, photo editor, line doodle

Explore different styles of doodles on photos

LightX has various doodling styles to choose from. You can choose from different styles of lines and also from shapes. Further, you can customize it according to your requirement- change the color, adjust the color intensity, adjust the thickness and the opacity of the shape. Doodling on pictures has never been more fun than it is with LightX App. Make doodles on photos as you like!

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Try different styles of doodles

Combine two styles of doodles

Photo editing does not always have to be a complex technical task. It can be made fun with LightX App online photo editor and its Doodle Tool. Mix two styles together and add funk to your photos! Let your imagination run free while sitting down to doodle. Let the styles and the colors flow! And do not forget to flaunt it on social media! You can combine doodles with shape tool and text tool to come up with unique designs too.

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Try combining different styles of Doodles

Doodling on pictures does not have to always make sense

As we said earlier, for once just let everything not make sense. Draw and doodle whatever it is that you want- a circle, a heart, a zig zag line or just scribble. If making squiggly lines is what makes you happy, then be it. Just do not give it second or third thoughts. Doodling on pictures and making doodles on photos with LightX App is so much fun you might get addicted to it! Read here about how to put stickers on your pictures and come up with ideas to combine the two.

yellow background, plain background, girl photo, doodling, doodle on picture, LightX App
Fun doodles on photos

Learn how to make doodles on photos with LightX App:

  1. Open the photo you want to doodle or draw upon.
  2. Select ‘Doodle’ from ‘Social’ category.
  3. Select the style or shape from the list.
  4. Tap on the style to adjust the Size and opacity.
  5. Adjust the colors from the given solid colors or from the color wheel.
  6. Doodle away!
  7. When you are satisfied with your creation, save it on your device in the required format and dimensions.

That’s it! You’re done! Has it ever been so easy to just deck up your pictures? Now with LightX App in your device, it is possible. For more tips on aesthetic pictures for social media, read here.
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