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Duotone Effect with LightX App

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The duotone effect in photography has a simple meaning. ‘Duo’ means double and ‘tone’ means color. It’s the use of two colors- often contrasting in nature, in a picture to give it dramatic boldness. It is nowhere closer to the original colors of the picture. It is done with the sheer purpose of enhancing the picture and bringing attention to it.
The duotone or dualtone effect has been existing for a long time. But off lately it has gained a lot of followers, mainly for designing purposes. It is also used for aesthetic social media posts as well as in posters and ads. Whether you are a photographer who wants to edit their photo or someone who wants to design a poster, LightX App will help you do it all. Achieve the Duotone Effect in photos with LightX App in a few simple steps.

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Duotone Effect portrait

Duotone Effect for dramatic pictures

Once mainly used in the print industry, duotone effect is now used everywhere. The great thing is that it can be created using any two colors that you want. It can create different impressions- subtle, radiant, delicate, shouting and even of horror.

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duotone effect in pictures

It depends on the colors used. Some may use it to give their portraits a dramatic turn while some may use it to enhance a night landscape scene. Red and Blue are the most common colors used for duotone effect. Red and Yellow is another good looking combination. You can achieve the Duotone Effect with LightX App in a few easy steps. Take inspiration from these photos and create your own, only on LightX App.

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Portrait of man in bold colors

Duotone Effect for posters for graphic designing

Not only photos, but the Duo Tool in LightX App also gives the means to make designing edits. Combining the Duo Tool with the Shape and Text tool in LightX App, you can easily make eye catching designs for ads and banners.

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Combining text with Duotone Effect

How to get Duotone Effect with LightX App

Lightx App is the best online photo editor for a reason. It has basic editing functions as well as complex ones like the Duotone Effect for pictures. This is how you can achieve the effect:

  1. Open the image in LightX App or choose from a thousand stock photos.
  2. Select ‘Duo’ from the ‘Selective’ category.
  3. There will be two colors by default in a Lens Shape. You can select other shapes like Linear, Radial, Mirror and Rectangle.
  4. Next, from the Colors option, select the two colors either from the solid colors palette or from the color wheel. You can even choose the intensity of colors.
  5. With Brush, you can apply the effect in the required area and with Magic Brush, you can apply the effect over an area of the same color.
  6. With Eraser, you can erase or remove the effect from the area and with Magic Erase you can erase or remove the effect of the same color.
  7. Blend allows you to select how the effect displays on screen. Choose the one which fits your picture or image the best.
  8. When you are satisfied, save the picture on your device in the required format and dimensions.

This is how you can easily apply the duotone effect to photos with the LightX App. give your photos a bold look and make them stand out with this effect!
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