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Make your pictures aesthetic with these simple steps!

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If you go through the day thinking about your next social media post or how to make your feed more attractive, then you have landed at the right place. Getting that one dreamy, perfect picture to upload on social media is a task these days, be it for personal or professional accounts. Getting an aesthetic picture is no big deal if you are a photographer. But even if you are not, here are some simple tips and advice to edit your pictures to make them look appealing!

Color correction 

The most basic tweaks you can apply to your picture are some corrections. The first and foremost step to achieve an aesthetic picture is to correct the white balance of the image. It should not have a color cast over it. The true colors in the picture must be visible. After that you can adjust the brightness, contrast and the exposure of your picture. There are three parts of a picture- the highlights, shadows and the midtones. Make sure you do not over do any of them. A picture with a relatively high contrast makes more impact. Also, increasing the saturation of colors is a good idea if you have a variety of colors in your picture.


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Color Correction for aesthetic picture

Filters for aesthetic pictures 

Another way of getting an aesthetic picture is by using various filters. The appropriate filter varies from picture to picture. A filter is something that is usually attached in front of the camera to attain a particular scene setting. But you can always add filters afterwards during the editing stage. A ‘Grainy’ or a ‘Rose Gold’ filter always does the trick though! It adds a vintage appeal to your picture. Otherwise, there are a lot of effects and filters available to choose from.

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The Grainy filter


Background Blur

Background blur works best for portraits where you want to keep the focus on the subject and not so much on the background. You can also do this when the background has a lot of objects and is hindering with the main subject. It adds a depth to the picture and gives the look and feel of a DSLR picture. You can select the radius and the degree of blur you want in the picture. 

Backdrops for aesthetic pictures

If you don’t want to blur the background, you can change it all together. Have a little fun with quirky backdrops. When it comes to aesthetic pictures, there is no end to imagination. Don’t worry there is no rocket science involved in changing backdrops. It is extremely easy with the right editing app. You can change the backdrop according to the occasion or a particular trendy theme.

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Adding Backdrops to increase the aesthetics of picture

Shapes and designs

Being able to add shapes, designs and text is probably the best part about editing your picture. That extra element makes your picture stand out of the rest. Use your imagination and get creative with geometric shapes, designer texts placed decoratively over your picture. Neon is the trend this season so you may want to experiment with neon shapes, lighting and designs.

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Add shapes to enhance the picture


What better than combining your photos into fun collages? Arrange your pictures aesthetically in set layouts or in a freestyle manner. Collages intrigue the onlooker and are a fun and easy way to make your pictures aesthetic. You can add a colored background to your pictures or use a fancy theme instead.

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These are some ways in which you can make your pictures aesthetic and rock the social media game! 
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