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Thanksgiving graphics to spread the joy of holidays

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We heard someone say ‘Thanksgiving’ and we surely cannot keep calm over the start of the holiday season. It’s again time to sit down with your friends and loved ones and gobble away delicious food and goodies. Here at LightX, we cannot think of a more appropriate way to celebrate this day than Thanksgiving graphics and Thanksgiving templates.

Thanksgiving graphics to look out for on LightX

Fall-inspired stickers for holiday posts

Before we get to Thanksgiving graphics, we also have autumn stickers and graphics for you to adorn your photos and send wishes to your loved ones. LightX mobile photo editor has a variety of stickers and illustrations for fall that you can choose from. Have a look at these designs.

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Thanksgiving Graphics for all the warm feels

Holidays are just around the corner and it’s time to spread love and warmth around. Get that enticing Turkey warmed, bake the Pumpkin Pie, and prepare for the feast. Head on to the stickers section of LightX and choose the ones which you like for your photos. Here is some inspiration for you!

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Thanksgiving Backdrops to set the tone of your party

Another addition to Thanksgiving graphics is the backdrop category. Suppose you clicked great pictures at your feast but still need a touch of Thanksgiving to jazz them up! LightX photo editor has got your back! Look out for Thanksgiving backdrops under the ‘Social’ category.

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Just select a picture you want to edit and then select the Magic Brush to paint all over the background.

Thanksgiving Templates for the social media bees

From holiday sales and discounts to invites and from flyers to social media posts, we have covered everything. Marketers can make good use of the templates to promote their deals and discounts. Creators can use the editable Thanksgiving templates to post on their Instagram or to make a YouTube thumbnail or make an aesthetic Pinterest pin.
There is no limit to what you can do with LightX editable and customizable templates.

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Add Stickers to design

Level up the jazz on your Thanksgiving templates by using the quirky Thanksgiving graphics and stickers. Click on any existing sticker, click on replace, and choose from the large collection of stickers. Change the opacity or the size of the sticker as you need.

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Add Illustrations to design

LightX photo editor comes with a ton of Thanksgiving templates and those templates can be customized with amazing illustrations. You can choose from a variety of illustrations from the Thanksgiving or the Party or Food category.

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