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Create custom photo filters with LightX App Color Mix tool

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Adding filters to photos is probably the first step you take towards editing them. Because who doesn’t like a moody, dramatic setting? Popular photo filters are available in almost every editing software and app. You have filters for a warm environment, cool environment, grainy filters, portrait filters and many more. But what if nothing suits your requirements and you’re not getting the desired effect? There is a solution for everything with LightX App. You can use the Color Mix tool in LightX App to blend colors and create custom photo filters. Yes that’s right! You can create your own photo filters for that perfect subtle or dramatic effect, however you want! You can choose from the presets and even mix two colors and vary their intensities to create a custom photo filter for your picture.

Set the mood with custom photo filters

With the Color Mix tool in LightX App, you have the option to create your own custom photo filters online. With these it is possible to set the mood of a picture. It is like the color palette of a painter. Deck up your travel pictures in warm or cool tones, as you like. Or add a spooky vibe to it. The different hues and the blend modes create wonders that a normal filter can’t. They blend in perfectly with the lights of the picture. The color mix tool of LightX App easily lets you add a vibe to your picture with the custom filters.

beach photo, girl photo, photo filters for mobile
Setting the mood with custom filters

Rich greyscale photos with color mix tool

Since you have the option of creating custom photo filters for photos and blending colors with the color mix tool, you can give your picture a rich Black and white look. The option to adjust the intensities and the angle of the effect, you can set the ultimate vibe of your picture! Pro tip: pair it with the Vignette effect and see the magic unfold!

black and white filter. girl portrait
Rich grey scale photos

Create custom photo filters for funky portraits

What better than a pop of color in your portraits? Make your ordinary portraits stand out with the color mix tool in LightX App. Create custom filters with given colors and blends and up your Instagram game in a few swipes! Choose bold colors like a combination of violet and pink colors, or yellow and red colors. You can also erase the effect from the part of the picture you do not want it on!
Color mix also acts as a duo-tone effect, also available on LightX App. The only difference is that the duo-tone has more options in terms of shapes- in what shape you want the two colors to be present.

girl portrait, colorful portrait, LightX App
Color mixing in portraits

Color correction

Last but definitely not the least, the color mix tool in LightX App helps you with color correcting your photo. Although you can color correct the photo using the Adjustments in LightX App, creating a custom filter which brings out the true colors of the photo is much easier. Hence you can remove the tint as well as correct the temperature of the photo.

man portrait, color correction in photos
Color correction using custom filters

How to use the Color Mix tool in LightX App to blend colors and create custom filters:

  1. Open the image which you want to edit or choose from the thousands of stock images in LightX App.
  2. Select ‘Color Mix’ from the ‘Mixing’ category.
  3. Under ‘Effects’, choose from the given presets or blend two colors using the color wheel.
  4. Select the intensity of colors.
  5. Most importantly, select the Blend of the colors with the picture.
  6. From ‘Tools’, you can Erase the effect from certain parts of the picture.
  7. When you are satisfied with creating custom filters, save the photo in your device in the required dimensions and format.

This is how easy it is to use the Color Mix tool in LightX App to blend colors and create custom filters. It can be done in a few swipes and the result is always mesmerizing!
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