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Turn yourself into cartoon or illustration with LightX Artistic effects

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A great photograph is always a treat to the eyes, but do you ever wish they look more graphic and less realistic? Or have you ever wished to turn yourself into a cartoon drawing? Seems like a complex task, but with LightX, the toughest editing techniques become a breeze. You can easily turn your photos into illustrations and cartoons with the ‘Artistic’ feature of LightX App. This all in one feature of LightX helps turn yourself into cartoons, illustrations and paintings.

Read on to find out how to turn yourself into a cartoon and illustration.

turn yourself into cartoon!

No not in reality, just virtually! The trend to turn yourself into a cartoon has been trending on social media lately. And why not indulge in the trend when you absolutely can? You just have to open your picture in LightX App and select the ‘Artistic’ tool from the ‘Instant’ category and swipe down to the second category, that is, ‘Paint’. There you will find options to convert your photo into a watercolor painting, oil painting and the last option would be to turn yourself into a cartoon. Just click on it and adjust the strength of the effect according to your wish.

Voila! Straight out of a comic book! For this effect, make sure there aren’t too many details in your picture or the effect will make it look clumsy. You can try this effect on your photos or choose from thousands of stock photos. Turn yourself into a cartoon app LightX is even more helpful if you want to make something creative like a comic strip of your own! Combine it with the Collage tool and Text tool to make comic strips!

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Turn your photos into cartoons

Turn your photo into Illustrations and Paintings

In the same ‘Paint’ option, you can turn your photo into an illustration and paintings. The two options, Watercolor and Oil will set the medium for your photos and turn them into the respective paintings. You can choose a portrait or even a landscape to see how this effect works! Just select the option you want and define the strength. Have a look at the inspirations below.

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Turn photos into oil and water color paintings

Pop art

This by far has to be the best feature of LightX App. You can turn yourself into a cartoon. You can even turn your photo into an illustration and painting. With the first option, that is ‘Charcoal’, you can turn your portraits into Pop Art and give a 60’s look to them. This option has three variants to choose from. Within these, you have sliders to adjust the strength of the shade, the hue and the saturation. Take a portrait of yours (or any photo of your liking), again, with minimum detailing and go nuts with this effect to turn your photo into pop art designs. We always come with inspiration so check these out.

pop art, LightX App, main portrait
Wonderful pop art

So you see? How you can turn yourself into a cartoon or an illustration with such great ease! Just head on to the ‘Artistic’ tool in the ‘Instant’ category and get to work! When you are satisfied with your work, save the image in your device in the required dimensions and format.
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