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How do you make a vision board that helps you achieve all your goals?

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Hello, there all the vision board believers! Are you seeking some self-motivation to get through the coming months or the year? Or maybe you’re a firm believer of the law of manifestation and want to play out a little game with the universe? Now the question is how do you make a vision board that keeps you going?

With LightX collage templates, it is fairly easy to make a vision board that has all your goals and affirmations in one place. You can either print it out or make it your screen’s wallpaper to look at it every day.

With LightX mobile editor, it is easy to know how to make a digital vision board on your iOS device. Let’s get started!

What is a vision board anyway?

For all the newbies who landed here in search of finding what is a vision board, here is your answer! It usually is a collection of pictures, quotes, graphics, and much more. Collectively, it is a ‘vision’ of how you want something to be-it can be a dream project, a vacation, or your year in specific.

how do you make a vision board, how to make digital vision board
Set goals for the year with Vision Boards

Vision boards work wonders and keep reminding you to be grateful for everything you have and be hopeful of what you want.

So, how do you make a vision board in LightX mobile photo editor?

  1. Open the LightX App on your iOS device
  2. Go to ‘Templates’ at the bottom of the screen
  3. Select any one of the ‘Collage’ templates
  4. The pre-designed editable templates in the LightX app are totally customizable. You can edit the background, the colors of the graphics, the text, the illustrations- everything you want.
  5. Replace the images in the templates with the ones you want. Those images have to be very specific to your goals. Take time, search the internet for relevant stock images or click your own.
  6. Pick two or three colors to go with your creation- probably some soothing ones!
  7. Add or replace graphics and illustrations

When you are satisfied, save it to your device. You can print it or make it your laptop/ mobile wallpaper! Make sure it is at a place where you can see it most of the time!

Tips on how to make a digital vision board

vision boards, collage templates, collage maker app, collage app, how to make digital vision board
Choose colors and graphics your want

Now that you know how do you make a vision board easily on your phone screen, here are a few tips you can keep in mind to make your work easier:

  1. Select a template size that suits your needs. LightX mobile photo editor has editable templates in every Aspect Ratio and every social media size. You can select a landscape or a portrait template for your vision board.
  2. Choose soothing colors for your vision board. One thing that you should keep in mind before knowing how to make a digital vision board or even a soft copy is the color scheme. Choose the colors that you associate with or maybe read the color theory and what each color stands for.
  3. Pick out the best photos for your creation. You are creating it for something that you want with your whole heart. So you should be really precise with the pictures. Click your own pictures, or find high-quality stock photos on LightX mobile photo editor.

Lastly, just let it flow! Don’t restrict yourself in some rules because after all, you are doing this for yourself. So let the ideas flow, let your creativity flow and let LightX photo editor handle the rest.
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