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Explore LightX’s extensive stickers and illustrations library to add a text bubble to photos for free. Personalise a speech bubble PNG with custom text, and preferred colour and sizing.

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Add Speech Bubble To Photo

How To Add Dialogue Bubble To Photo?

Step 1

Upload Image

Choose an image from your device or use a stock photo you want to edit with a speech bubble.

Step 2

Select And Customise

Browse and select the sticker or illustration that best suits your design vision. Customise it with the desired text, colour, and size.

Step 3

Download Final Image

Download the final image with the speech bubble in the JPEG or PNG format to your device.

Add Dialogue Bubble To Photo From a Vast, Editable Range

With just one click, add a text bubble to photos for free, allowing you to convey your message or express yourself creatively. Browse LightX's vast and editable speech bubble range in varied colours and shapes - from classic rounds to creative bursts, and more. Or, save time and add word bubble to photo with pre-written text, such as a witty remark or funny phrase.

Instantly Add dialogue bubble to photo

Get Customizable Images of the Speech Bubble

Once you successfully add talk bubble to photo, you can personalise it with a custom message, dialogue or caption. Adjust the font style, colour, opacity, and size effortlessly. Align, arrange and resize the bubble, too, for the perfect fit. With a customised free chat bubble image PNG, make your photos and graphics truly unique and expressive.

Get Customizable speech bubble for Images ,meme and more

Add Thought Bubble To Photo To Speak Your Mind

Got inner feelings and ideas in your mind? Discover LightX's free thinking bubble images in PNG format to share them in a visually appealing way. Incorporate text or images depicting your thoughts within a bubble. Enjoy the flexibility to personalise both the text or image and the bubble in LightX’s add sticker to photo tool for effective communication.

Add a text bubble to photos in few clicks

Create Your Own Comic Strips Online With LightX

Add speech bubble to photo for diverse storytelling purposes. Add comic bubble to picture to make characters speak to each other in your comic books or graphic novels. Insert a dialogue bubble in the photo to mention jokes or relatable statements in social media memes. Put a free PNG image of a speech bubble in educational content, helping highlight key points.

Add thought bubble to photo A person walking with a thought bubble above their head

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Utilise LightX's extensive collection of editable speech bubbles to add bubble captions to photos, quote bubbles to pictures, and so much more effortlessly.

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