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How To Add Emoji On Photo?

Step 1

Upload Photo

Select a photo from your device or drag and drop it onto the canvas. The photo can be JPEG or PNG.

Step 2

Add Emoji On Photo

Browse a wide variety of emojis, and choose one that suits your preference. Or use the search box to find exactly what you want.

Step 3

Customise And Download

Enhance your emoji by adjusting shadows, scaling, rotating, and setting opacity to perfect your image, then download it to your device.

Add Emoji To Photo For a Fun And Playful Touch

With LightX, add emoji to image that infuse a touch of fun and playfulness. This delightful enhancement in your content is sure to encourage more interactions with friends and followers. Utilising LightX's add stickers to photos tool for emojis, transform your ordinary photos into captivating, engaging visuals.

How to add emoji on photo

Emoji Photo Editor With an Extensive, Integrable Emoji Range

Discover LightX's vast collection of unique emojis within its add emoji to photo tool. From happy or sad to angry or surprised, and more, there's an emoji to suit every mood, emotion, and message. Simply integrate them into your photos with a single click. Personalise their size, or adjust opacity and placement.

Instantly add emoji to photo for fun and more

Emoji Edit Photo With a Personalized Emoji Design

Add emoji to photo online free with a twist—no standard designs here, just LightX's unique, expressive creations! Take it a step ahead by breathing life into your emoji ideas with LightX's advanced tool that lets you generate your own emoji using custom text prompts. These tailored emojis are perfect for customising your content.

Emoji photo editor for images

Add Emoji To Image For Your Social Media Content

Put emojis into your social media images across Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms for an elevated audience interest. Within LightX's emoji photo editor, you can not only insert emojis into your photos but also add text to photo with your preferred font style, colour, and size. Such comprehensive visual content guarantees the attention and response of your audience.

Add your personalized emoji to the photo

Frequently Asked Questions

Using LightX's add emoji on photo tool, you can put an emoji into its template designs, as well. Start by selecting a suitable template design. Under "Sticker," navigate to the emojis and add any that you desire. Make further edits and download the final image with emoji to your device in the JPG or PNG format.

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