Valentine's Day Heart Greeting Card

Free Online  Valentine’s Day Video Ecard & Greeting video Maker

Send Valentine’s Day wishes with unique video cards. Get your hands on LightX editor to make animated Valentine’s Day cards videos.

White Blue Couple Valentine Wishes Video Template
White Red Husband Wife Wishes Valentine Wishes Video Template
White Beige Text Valentine Wishes Video Template
White Red Love Valentine Wishes Video Template
White Orange Warmest Valentine Wishes Video Template
White Pink Small Valentine Wishes Video Template
White Pink Peach Color Valentine Wishes Video Template
Red White mini hearts Valentine’s Day Wishes Video Template
White Brown Red Kissing Valentine’s Day Wishes Video Template
White Red Cute Background Valentine’s Day Wishes Video Template

How to Make Animated Valentine's Day Cards

Valentine's day Video Card Editing

Select a Template

Log in or sign up to LightX's website to browse through professionally curated free Valentine card templates for videos. Select any template that appeals to you with a single click.


Customize the Template

Add some personal touches to your selected template. LightX editor allows you to customize and personalize your Valentine card template for video by adding animated stickers, illustrations, text, music, and more.


 Save and Share

After completion of the video, you can export it to your device by clicking on Export. Save your video in any Resolution that suits your requirement. Click Export again to confirm.

Free Animated Valentine Video Maker

LightX editor allows you to make animated Valentine's Day greetings effortlessly. You can make funny, romantic, short, and many other Valentine’s video cards. There are editable templates for all your Valentine's day video ideas. Explore dozens of professionally curated Valentine's Day video templates from our vast library. You don’t even have to be an expert at editing. It's 100% easy to create personalized aesthetic Valentine video cards for free with LightX. Create and share unique video cards with your partner.

Love Theme Valentine Video Collage

Customize Valentine’s Day Videos With Elements

Now that you have a clear vision about the type of video you want to make, use LightX, the best Valentine’s video maker, to create videos full of love. Get to add Valentine’s Day clips, aesthetic GIFs, and more. Insert multiple animated stickers or clipart and illustrations.  Add animated text, too, using preset text templates to write a heartfelt message. Add suitable music from LightX's library or your device. Get your custom-made Valentine’s Day wishes video for your husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend instantly.

Red Heart Element Video Card

Add Valentine’s Day Illustrations for More Effect

Are you looking for an extra special touch in your Valentine’s video? Or something captivating as an expression of love? Try Valentine’s Day illustrations in LightX. Get to add a beautiful heart, couple, and more such illustrations to your video with just a click. Insert numerous illustrations or duplicate the ones you have already added as required. Change Illustrations’ colors from Current Colors, Document Colors, Presets, or a Custom color code. Also, change opacity, scale, rotate, flip, align, etc.

Captivating Illustration For Valentine Video Card
Frequently Asked Questions
Yes, you can add music to Valentine’s Day videos from any suitable genre and music in LightX’s library. You can also add a desired song, soundtrack, pre-recorded voice-over, or any other audio to the video from your device.

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