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Valentine's Day Video Invitation

Make your own Valentine's Day party video invite with LightX's customizable and free Valentine's Day invitation templates. Create video invitations for Valentine's Day get-togethers, celebrations, dinner parties, etc.

Red White Black Flyer Valentine’s Day Invitation Video Template
Pink White Design Themes Valentine’s Day Invitation Video Template
Red White Brown Best Giveaway Valentine’s Day Invitation Video Template
Red White Best Treat Valentine’s Day Invitation Video Template
Black White Best Couple Valentine’s Day Invitation Video Template
Black White Heart Overlaying Valentine’s Day Invitation Video Template
Red White Dual Frame Collage Valentine’s Day Invitation Video Template

How to Make a Valentine's Day Video Invitation

Valentine Invitation Video Maker Online

Select a Video Template

Log in to your LightX account or sign up if you are a first-time user. Go to Video Templates, followed by navigating to Valentine's Day templates. Click Valentine's Day Invitations to select a suitable party template


Customize the Video Template

Customize your Valentine's Day evite video template beautifully with LightX. Add animated text, stickers, illustrations, custom audio, etc. Crop, resize, or trim the video invitation, as required.


Save and Share

Once you finish creating and editing your Valentine's party invitation template, save the video invite to your device. Click  Export to download. Select the appropriate Resolution and click Export Video to confirm the download.

Valentine's Party Video Invitations Templates

Valentine's Day is coming up quickly, and what's a better way to celebrate it than with a party? LightX offers you some great templates to make your own perfect video invitation for the occasion. Do you want something cute? Or something romantic? LightX has all types of templates for your ideas and creativity. Find free editable templates for Valentine's Day house parties, club parties, get together, brunch or dinner parties, celebrations, a special party invitation video for your partner, etc. Create a unique Valentine's Day party invite professionally in no time.

Valentine Special Collage Video Maker

Customize Valentine's Invitation Video Templates

Are you in the mood for a lovey-dovey video invitation for your Valentine’s Day party? Or do you want a fairy-tale-like touch? Bring all your Valentine’s invitation ideas for a personalized video invite to reality with LightX. Get started with a suitable template with just a click. Customize your video invitation with different elements and animate them, trim the video, crop it, resize it, add music, and so much more. Make customized Valentine’s invitations so beautiful that everyone loves them!

Valentine Music Party Invitation

Animated Free Valentine’s Clip Art for Video Invitation

A video invite for your Valentine’s Day party is a fun way to share the event details. It also offers a more personal experience for the invitees. But do you know what can make it better? Free animated Valentine’s Day clipart! LightX provides an excellent collection of stickers for Valentine’s Day that you can use as clipart in your invitation video. Add a heart Valentine clipart sticker, be my Valentine clipart sticker, and more.  Edit them by scaling, rotating, aligning, changing opacity, etc. Animate, too, with different effects.

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LightX provides an impressive Valentine's day invite template collection. It includes templates for Valentine's party invitations, dinner parties, brunch, tea parties, get together, celebrations, and more.