AI Graphics Generator: Create Graphics With AI

Introducing an all-in-one text to graphic AI tool! Enjoy different AI functionalities within a single platform - create unique AI templates, AI stickers, and images through a custom text prompt and preset styles in LightX’s AI graphics generator online.

AI Graphic Generator

Countless AI Styles For Every Graphic

Generate Graphic with AI
hyper-realistic illustration of a majestic unicorn
AI Graphics Styles
create a cute boy cartoon character
AI Generated Graphics Online
create a realistic couple wedding illustration, floral theme
AI social media graphic generator
generate a cute 3d cat holding a cupcake and donut

How To Generate an AI Graphic?

Step 1

Tell AI What You Want

In the text box, describe the graphic you want - a sticker, template, or image.

Step 2

Choose The Graphic Style

Select from various styles to create a custom graphic with the desired look and aesthetics.

Step 3

Generate, Save & Share

Generate your graphic, download and save it in PNG or JPEG format, and easily share it.

Graphics AI Generator For Personalised Sticker PNG

LightX's graphic AI generator; the free tool crafts high quality and printable PNG stickers, cliparts, using just text prompts. With various preset styles like cartoon, anime, low-poly, and many more, generate AI stickers for marketing, social media content creation, educational materials, and personal projects.

AI based graphics generator

Craft Templates Using Txt2Img AI Graphics Creator

LightX AI graphics generator enhances productivity significantly by offering pictures from text tool for crafting the most unique invitations, ecards, marketing flyers, posters with minimal effort. Enjoy endless creative possibilities of AI graphics as you make unique and imaginative album covers, ebook covers, website banners, phone or desktop wallpapers within the tool.

ai text graphic generator

Design Any Image With Text To Graphic AI Tool

LightX AI Graphics Generator empowers users to express their creativity freely, making it easier than ever to create graphics with AI that stand out. Plus, with continuous updates and new features, LightX remains at the forefront of digital design innovation, offering fresh inspiration and tools for your projects.

generative ai for graphics

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, LightX's AI graphics maker includes tools to refine your image post-creation within its photo editor. This includes basic edits such as color adjustments, background removal for transparency, and more.

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