AI Doodle Generator

Create a stunning printable animal, abstract, pattern, aesthetic doodle, or more with custom text prompts and preset styles in the AI doodle generator. Derive high-quality doodle art stickers in PNG format – faster than you can imagine!

AI doodle generator

Pre-Made AI Doodle Styles For Effortless Creativity

Premade AI Doodle Styles: Animals, Flowers, Patterns
hand drawn, abstract, element pattern
Creative doodles designed by AI
cute cartoon pattern of animals, colorful, splash, modern, vibrant, vector
Instantly generate doodles using text
doodle of multiple people faces in one frame, black and white color
AI generated doodle flowers
chevron, daisy, poppy, marigolds, pattern overlay in bright jewel tones

How To Generate AI Doodles?

Step 1

Tell AI What You Want

Describe the doodle design you want in the text prompt box, from characters to animals.

Step 2

Choose the Doodle Style

Select from various doodle styles to create custom designs for different themes and artistic preferences.

Step 3

Generate, Save & Share

Generate your doodle, save it in PNG format to preserve transparency, and easily share it.

Create AI Doodle Digitally - Forget The Traditional Way!

Whether you're a professional artist or a hobbyist just beginning, the generative AI technology of LightX's AI doodle art generator makes crafting an AI doodle a breeze - Simply toss in a text prompt, choose from different artistic styles, and done - it's that easy!

Why give it a go?


Super user-friendly - no skills needed, no scope of challenges!


Understands prompts with even the simplest words.


Quick and creative results - anytime, anywhere, on any device.


Take control, and generate doodle variations.


Download a high-quality, printable AI doodle sticker in PNG format.

AI doodle Art of Kawaii

Patterned, Animals, Or Aesthetic Doodles - Enjoy Doodling All!

Embark on an incredible doodling adventure with LightX's advanced AI Doodle generator!
  With a combination of a custom text prompt and pre-made style, whip up a diverse range of colorful or B&W exciting AI doodle art – abstract doodles, zentangles, animal doodles, character doodles, patterned doodles, nature doodles, and more!
  For instance, derive AI generated doodles by entering a text prompt like "Social media icons doodle," and selecting a suitable preset.

AI-generated aesthetic doodle pattern

Download Doodle Sticker PNG And Use In Diverse Creations

LightX's AI Doodle generator from text lets you download your doodle art sticker in the default PNG format – perfect for transparency (no background) to utilize in other images or designs.
  Incorporate these AI generated doodles in your eCards designs, social media chats, or as website graphics. Print them straight from your device anytime for personalized phone cases, t-shirts, and other desired applications.

AI generated cute doodle sticker design

Frequently Asked Questions

The doodle art sticker crafted by LightX's AI doodle maker has a black background, indicating that there's no background behind the doodle. When you download it in the default PNG format, you get a doodle sticker with a transparent background.

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