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Turn yourself into AI characters for anime, cartoons, and more with LightX’s character generator AI.

AI generated character for free

How to Generate Your AI Character

Step 1

Upload Your Photo

Choose a well-lit and in-focus photo of yourself that clearly shows all your facial features in JPEG or PNG format.

Step 2

Describe Your Style

Choose from pre-made AI styles or enter a text prompt describing your desired custom character for yourself in the photo.

Step 3

Generate and Download

Click 'Generate' for the AI character image result. Once it gets generated, download it to your device for further use.

Anime character created by AI

Be a Spectacular Character with Pre-Made AI Styles

Don't spend hours to achieve your favorite character's look. Choose from an array of AI character styles for an instant, high-quality transformation.

Anime character created by AI
Steampunk character made by AI
AI cyberpunk character for free

Make Photo Sketch, Tailored to your Imaginative Prompt!

Bring your own character to form with a prompt! Simply upload your photo, enter a text prompt, and enjoy captivating outcomes with the text to image generator.

Prompt 1:
anime character boy, realistic face, aesthetic bg
Prompt 2:
Disney character generated by AI
Prompt 3:
cyberpunk boy, gaming character, blue hair
AI anime character for free
Prompt 1:
anime character boy, realistic face, aesthetic bg
Prompt 2:
Disney character generated by AI
Prompt 3:
cyberpunk boy, gaming character, blue hair

Create AI Character Using Just One Photo of Yourself

Spring your desired character to life digitally using LightX's AI character image generator. Explore an extensive array of pre-made styles or add text prompts. All you need is a single photograph to achieve the most accurate character of yourself. Enjoy the revolutionary gender swap feature of the AI OC generator to transition your character into a male or female AI generated character representation, in just a few seconds!  

AI generated OC

Make Your Own Anime Character from Your Image

Buckle up as we take you to the world of LightX's anime character creator! It's everything you need to achieve the trendiest AI anime art of yourself from your photos. From facial expressions to hairstyle, experience a comprehensive anime aesthetic in your character. Create 2D and 3D anime for different genres, such as Shonen, Shoujo, and more, in seconds with LightX’s easy-to-use AI anime character generator.   

AI generated anime character

AI Cartoon Character Maker: Be Your Favorite Cartoon

Imagine having the power to create your cartoon character from your image! LightX's AI cartoon character creator enables you to design people, animals, or objects cartoon characters in styles including realistic, drawing-theme, modern, and many others. Artists, animators, and creators can explore novel avenues of representation in comics, books, digital art, etc., with LightX's cartoon generator for characters.   

AI generated cartoon character

Turn into Your Imaginative Fantasy Character in Photo

Hey there, fantasy lovers! Make your imagination and dreams take form with LightX's AI fantasy character creator. Enjoy a true-to-life exact depiction of yourself as an enchanting fairy tale, mystical, heroic, or magical fictional character while preserving your original facial details. Lead visions to fruition with remarkable ease and precision using LightX AI character generator for fantasy. 

AI Fantasy Character generated by AI

Magical AI Disney Character Creator for Your Pictures

From Cinderella to the Evil Queen, LightX's AI character creator for Disney promises the most charming results with its ready-to-use Disney character styles. Be the Disney princess, prince, hero, or villain you always wanted to be, digitally, with this incredible amalgamation of AI and artistry. Simply upload a clear photo of yourself to LightX's AI character design generator and get a similar appearance, outfits, and expressions as Disney-inspired characters. 

AI generated disney character

AI Character Image Generator for Your Cyberpunk Look

Be your own futuristic persona with LightX's cyberpunk character generator! Get truly cyberpunk-inspired features - from augmented eyes to sleek cybernetic limbs. Be the solo, net runner, techie, fixer, or corpo male or female cyberpunk realistic characters in multiple styles with just a few clicks. Witness your look into the realm of technology, humanity, and the future with LightX's AI OC generator for cyberpunk.   

Free AI Cyberpunk character look
Frequently Asked Questions
LightX's easy-to-use Cutout tool lets you create an image cutout in just a few seconds. All you need to do is upload or drag/drop your image and select the area you want a cutout of using smart selection. LightX's Cutout tool will then automatically create a cutout, which you can use further for making creative and desired photo edits.  
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