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Free Online Thanksgiving Video Maker

Let gratitude fill the air! Get expressive this Thanksgiving with heartfelt videos. Create with LightX's free Thanksgiving video maker offering exceptional designs and themes. Customize with your own or stock visuals, excellent assets from the library, and so much more.

Orange Celebration Thanksgiving Video Template
White Red Blessings Festive Thanksgiving Video Template
Red White Celebration Dinner Thanksgiving Video Template
Orange Family Dinner Celebration Thanksgiving Video Template
Red Orange Family Happy Thanksgiving Video Template
Orange Celebration Happy Thanksgiving Template
Orange Gather Together Thanksgiving Video Template
Black Green Colorful Happy Thanksgiving Video Template
Gold Blessings Happy Thanksgiving Video Template
Orange Festive Happy Thanksgiving Video Template
Orange Happy Thanksgiving Video Template
Blue Orange Happy Festive Thanksgiving Video Template
Brown Orange Happy Celebration Thanksgiving Video Template
Brown Blessings Thanksgiving Video Template
Brown Love Bond Happy Thanksgiving Video Template
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How to Make a Thanksgiving Video

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Select a Thanksgiving Video Template

LightX offers a wide variety of Thanksgiving video templates. To try one, visit LightX's website and login/signup. Go to Video Templates and select Thanksgiving. Click a template that suits your idea and start editing.


Customize the Video Template

Edit and customize your Thanksgiving video template with stock or your own images, happy Thanksgiving stickers, backgrounds, illustrations, catchy text templates, music from library or your device and more.


Save and Share

To save your Thanksgiving video to your device, click Export. Select appropriate Resolution and click Export Video to confirm. Once downloaded successfully, share your Thanksgiving custom-made video.

Thanksgiving Video Templates for Wishes, Promos and More

Thanksgiving is about family and friends getting together, celebrating, and thanking one another for all they do. Live this holiday and festive spirit of Thanksgiving to the fullest with appealing videos. LightX offers alluring Thanksgiving video templates for you to try. Create videos for wishes, dinner invitations, sales ads for promotion, giveaways for contests and so much more. From a professional message video to a funny turkey video template for Thanksgiving, discover dozens of designs.

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Animated Thanksgiving Stickers and Illustrations

LightX's online Thanksgiving stickers and illustrations are perfect for creating a personalized and engaging Thanksgiving video. Thanksgiving greetings, Thanksgiving turkey, or any else, find stickers and illustrations for all in LightX’s library. Customize the stickers and illustrations by scaling, rotating, aligning, arranging, flipping, and changing opacity. Edit illustrations by applying different colors from preset colors, document colors, or thousands of color codes, too. Animate your added stickers and illustrations with different effects in just a click.

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Add Music to Thanksgiving Video Easily and for Free

Thanksgiving video just seems incomplete without music. Here’s something you can do about it - Add music to your Thanksgiving custom video with LightX. Simply select a suitable template, edit it and insert Music from dozens of options available in LightX’s library. You can also add music, song, or any other audio from your device. Get to mute the music if required, adjust it as per the video scene, trim the overall video, and add text using preset text templates in a perfectly synced manner.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can easily add music to your Thanksgiving video in LightX, select a suitable template, edit it, and insert music from the extensive library or your device. 

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