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Turn your photos into messages! Add text to your images to create powerful captions, heartfelt quotes, or fun annotations. It's a simple tool for photographers, bloggers, or anyone wanting to communicate more with their visuals.

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Steps To  Edit Text on Photo 

Step 1

Upload Image

Upload your image by selecting or dragging and dropping media

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Use the Add Text to Photo Tool

Edit your photo with text using the Add Text to Photo Tool

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Add and Edit Text on Photos Like Professionals

Make Picturesque Photos with Texts Online

One of the best methods to enhance the look of photos is tby adding text to them. Text shares the story of a picture like nothing else. This not only makes the understanding easier but improves the overall appeal of an image by a hundred times. You can use LightX’s Add Text to Photo tool as a picture text editor. Add and edit text on your photos online within a few simple clicks and seconds.

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Comprehensive Editor to Edit Text on Photos

With LightX’s tool for adding and editing text,  you can begin right away without putting in a lot of work. You can either upload your photo or you can start with the images we provide and add and edit text on it using the preset text templates, such as Title, Highlight, Double, etc., in our library. You can also add and edit regular text, including Heading, Sub-heading, and Body. Add any in just one tap and edit.

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Multiple Text Editing and Customization Features

LightX’s photo text editor tool it lets you add a personal touch to your photo with text by editing and customizing it. You can try a variety of advanced features for the same. This includes changing the text’s opacity or outlining it. You can Transform, i.e., Scale and Rotate the text, place it in six different positions on the image, change the font, size, color, style, etc. It’s nothing but simple and effective text editing.

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Add and Edit Text on Collages, Posters, and More

Using the photo text editing tool in LightX, you can make incredible collages, posters, memes, and more with text. The text on the photo can increase the appearance of the image. You can choose from several preset text templates, font styles, color options, etc., to suit your photograph. With easy editing options, you can format the image to its best with text and bring out the perfect artistic side in it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Visit and select the 'Add Text to Photo' tool under the 'Editor Tools.' Upload or drag and drop your photo. Add text to the photo using any text template or start with the regular text. If required and desired, edit the text. When finished, to apply and save the changes, select the ‘Save’ option at the top.

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