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Add Logo to Photos

How To Put Your Logo On a Photo

Step 1

Add Logo To Photo

Once you have uploaded your photo, click “Media” to add the logo in any format from your device.

Step 2

Customise Added Logo

If the logo is in JPEG format, use the in-built background remover to make it a transparent PNG. Resize, position and adjust opacity, as well.

Step 3

Download The Final Image

Once you finish adding and editing the logo, download the final image to your device in JPEG or PNG format with a preferred resolution.

Add Logo To Picture For Marketing: Flyer, Brochure And Others

With LightX's tool to superimpose logo on photo, ensure your marketing materials possess one perfectly. Place the logo atop product photos, flyers, or brochures strategically at the header or footer to maintain maximum visibility without overshadowing the main content.
Furthermore, you can add logo to photo for a social media post, website, blog or email newsletter to achieve a professional and polished look. Ultimately, the key is to merge logo into picture seamlessly and LightX's overlay logo on photo tool makes it possible in seconds.

online photo logo adder for flyer, broucher and more

Insert Logo On Photo For a Touch Of Personal Branding

Add logo to image to establish your brand's visual identity, elevate its recognition and foster a sense of authenticity. Apart from aesthetics, when you put logo on photo, it acts as a shield, protecting your content from unauthorised use.
With LightX's insert logo on photo tool, move beyond mere symbolism - let your logo be a subtle yet powerful medium to strengthen your brand's association in the minds of your audience.

Insert the logo on the photo in different sizes.

Manage Logo Opacity And Size In The Add Logo To Image Tool

With LightX's advanced add logo to photo tool, enjoy the ability to control the appeal of your added logo. Easily resize to fit it into your image flawlessly. Adjust opacity for a nuanced effect that makes it stand out as needed. Moreover, when you superimpose logo on image, simply drag and drop it at a desired spot and rotate it for proper alignment. This versatile tool by LightX empowers you to add logo to photo online free and personalise it with the utmost finesse and flair.

Get the logo on Image and resize the logo without losing quality.

Put Logo On Photo With The Transparency Feature

Imagine, you are all set to add logo to picture but the JPEG format with a background poses a challenge! Tough, right?
Well, when you overlay logo on photo in LightX, you can instantly make it transparent using the one-click free built-in feature. It automatically removes the backgroundfrom the logo, delivering a transparent logo PNG. LightX's add logo to photos free tool makes the entire process more accessible and simpler than ever!

Add transparent logo to the image

Frequently Asked Questions

Insert logo on photo easily with LightX. Start by uploading your photo to the Merge Photos tool. Once in the editor, click "Media" to upload your logo's transparent PNG file from your device. If your logo is in JPEG format, don't worry; select it on the canvas and click the "Remove BG" option to make the logo transparent. Customise further by resizing, adjusting opacity, etc. Once done, download to your device in JPEG or PNG format.

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