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Want to learn how to edit black and white photos efficiently on a phone? Look no further!

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The Black and White effect adds a timeless grace to photos and portraits. It is the one photo effect that works magically on any photo. Also, it is the go-to photo effect on social media. With LightX mobile photo editor, getting the right black and white photo is just a click away. Read on to find out how to edit black and white photos easily, on a phone.

How to edit black and white photos?

The basic black and white

For those who are just starting, here is a simple trick for you guys! Go to the ‘Adjustments’ category and select ‘Saturation’. Bring the slider to 0 and whoosh! There is your black and white photo right there. After decreasing the saturation, you can use the other sliders like ‘Brightness’, ‘Exposure’, and ‘Contrast’. Learn about Saturation here in detail.

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Desaturating the photo

Black and white portrait editing

In your quest of searching how to edit black and white photos, the next option is to use a photo filter. LightX mobile photo editor has a variety of black and white filters that you can instantly apply to your photos.

Go to the ‘Filters’ category and swipe down to ‘Black and White’. Select the one which best suits your requirement and apply it! With so many options for one photo filter, LightX App makes black and white portrait editing veryyyy smooth!

Selective black and white editing

Now that you know how to edit black and white photos, have you thought about what if you do not want to turn the whole picture black and white? Do you want to leave some parts colored? Good news, with the LightX mobile photo editor, you can do that too!

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Color pop effect/ color splash effect in portraits

With the Splash tool, you can selectively turn a part of a picture into black and white. With the Magic tools, select the parts of the picture and bring down the ‘Saturation’ slider to 0. This is the color splash or color pop effect. It also adds a sense of depth to the photo.

Add drama to your photos!

Are you someone who has to add a little drama and spice to everything you do? Well, we have just the thing for you! Knowing how to edit black and white photos, you can go a step ahead and experiment in your own ways with LightX mobile photo editor.

Use a combination of filters

After using any one of the black and white filters, use it with either Grunge filters, Vintage filters, or Retro filters. The resulting edit can give you the typical 90’s look. You can take this drama further by adding stickers and including text in the edit.

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The Vintage effect

Use Pro editing tools

Want to satisfy the inner photo editor? Head to the LightX mobile photo editor and use pro tools like levels, curves, and balance to make precise changes to highlights, mid-tones, and the shadows of the photo.

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Play with Levels and Curves

Phew, that was a lot, wasn’t it? Because there is a lot to experiment with LightX App.
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