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Can I share my subscription in LightX App? Find out how!

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LightX mobile photo editor always has something to offer! Seamless editing experience, high resolution save and share, adding stickers shapes to name a few. With this and much more, the mobile photo editing app is the best that you can have. With this, the most asked question is that can I share my subscription in LightX App?

Absolutely yes! With LightX Pro, you can share this subscription across 5 devices simultaneously, that too across Android and iOS. Isn’t that amazing? Once you buy the subscription, you can share it among five friends at the same time.

This way you and your loved ones can enjoy the ultimate editing experience at the same time.

How can I share my subscription with my friends?

When you purchase the LightX Pro subscription and want to use it on different devices, you just have to put the login id and password, and you are good to go!

You can see all the devices connected to your account:

  1. Go to LightX mobile photo editor
  2. Click on your profile
  3. Click on ‘Manage Devices’. From here you can see all the devices which have access to the LightX Pro account. You can delete the devices if you want.

From the Profile section, you can also see when is your subscription expiring.

Why LightX Pro?

If this wasn’t enough reason to consider LightX Pro Subscription, there is a whole lot more that you get! Let’s take a quick look into what else does LightX Pro has to offer.

Magic Tools

The Magic Eraser and Magic Brush tools are the two important tools that will save all your time and energy and give you precise edits. The tools, which are very intuitive in nature, identify similar pixels in a picture, and apply the selected changes to them. The tools are helpful when applying a custom backdrop, making a cutout, erasing a background, etc.

dancer girl, girl dancing, silhouette image maker app, LightX app, convert photo to silhouette
Magic Brush and Magic Eraser to create precise edits to pictures

Save transparent cutouts

With LightX Pro, you can save all the transparent PNGs that you made. When you erase the background in a photo or make a cutout sticker, you can save it in your gallery to send to friends on WhatsApp. That is right! You can create custom, funny stickers of yourself using LightX mobile photo editor.

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Make photo background transparent

Unlimited access to store

LightX Store is a dreamy place to be! There are stickers, backdrops, and frames specially designed and curated keeping in mind the current trends and the upcoming occasions. Add a little shimmer, funk, bling- absolutely whatever you want. LightX mobile photo editor also has a variety of patterns to start with.

dancer girl, girl dancing, silhouette image maker app, LightX app, convert photo to silhouette

Graphic designing

Apart from photo editing, LightX Pro also offers designing tools. The Shape tool and the Design tool gives you the opportunity to up your game a little and design things for social media and even your website. These tools take you from the ordinary to the extraordinary!

Make posters with Shape and Design Tools

For all those wondering how can I share my subscription in LightX mobile photo editor, we hope you have all the answers and all that you need to know about LightX Pro!
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