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Popular photo filters and how to use them with LightX App

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Filters are undoubtedly your best friends when it comes to photo editing. In almost no time, they take your photos from basic to all extra. While all social media sites have their own built filters but sometimes you might need a little more than that. That is where the online selfie filter app LightX comes in. Here you will find all the popular photo filters and up your selfie game and make your bland shots stunning in no time. Head onto LightX App and try out the popular photo filters now. And check below for inspiration!

The Grunge photo filter

The grunge photo filter is one of the most popular photo filters. It gives your photos a rough yet elegant look to root for. It also gives an antique look to your photos. There are numerous styles available for this popular selfie filter in LightX App. All you have to do is select the grunge filter and swipe through the various styles. You can even adjust the strength of the filter with LightX App.

grunge photo, photo filter, LightX App
The Grunge photo filter

Go Retro!

Looking for a 50’s or 60’s vibe? Then this popular photo filter is what you need. Head onto the ‘Retro’ category of filters in LightX App and select the style you want. The retro filter is a style derived from the past lifestyles, trends and art forms, which includes music, patterns or fashion. So, here is the old photo filter for retro lovers! The free retro filter effects transport your images back to days long gone. Retro filter works best when applied with light leak or lens flare. Combine this filter with text tool in LightX App and create aesthetic photo edits.

photos, retro filter, LightX App, photo filters app
The Retro photo filter

Glow up and show up!

The Glow filter in LightX App is another popular selfie filter or photo filter. It has three variations in the app- Glamour, Hot and Cold. Glamour is the essential ‘no filter’ filter you didn’t know you need! It does not alter the colors or feel of the picture yet makes it more pleasant to look at.

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Glow up your photos

Hail Black and White

This will always remain our favorite isn’t it? The popular photo filter Black and White, too comes with a variety of options- clarity, wash, vintage are some of them. The classic lack and white photo filter gives elegant vibes to it combined with vintage, makes it look classy.

girl portrait, black and white portrait, black and white filter, LightX App, popular filters
The classic Black and White filter

These are the most popular photo filters and with LightX App, you can use them to make your pictures look dreamy and add a certain mood to it. Learn to create your own custom photo filters here.
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