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Thanksgiving photo ideas to try with family this year!

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Thanksgiving Day is synonymous with family get-togethers and more than any other year, this year you’d want the day to be memorable. Whether you are hosting or attending a dinner party, we have thanksgiving photo ideas to make this day extra special. These family thanksgiving photoshoot ideas are all you need along with the LightX mobile photo editor to complete your photo album. So let’s started with this holiday season!

Thanksgiving photo ideas

How to take the best thanksgiving pictures

The Thanksgiving turkey and the pumpkin pie filling the room with their warm and comforting smell while you laugh away with your loved ones is one of the best feelings ever. You’d of course want to capture that and keep it with you forever! So why not? Find a comforting and beautiful corner of the house and gather everyone. Even if you are not a professional photographer, capturing smiles and laughs is not tough. Everyone has to be in their natural element!

Click the feast before you finish the feast!

When the dinner table is set, take a few moments to capture the scrumptious feast! Capture the dinner from all the different angles. Even if the lighting seems a bit off, you can edit it later using the LightX mobile photo editor. If you plan ahead, maybe you can start clicking pictures from the start. Then compile all of them to make a small video. Start with the ingredients, the process of making, setting the table, and finally with everyone on the table.
This gives you a chance to go over the pictures later and laugh together!

family thanksgiving photoshoot ideas, thanksgiving photo ideas, be thankful, thanksgiving, mobile photo editor
The feast is laid out!

Capture the decor

The vibe of the dinner can be felt, but the decor can sure be captured. This is one of the most important thanksgiving photo ideas. If you or the host spent a lot of time sprucing up the place, you should honor those efforts and capture all the special touches to the decor. The strings, table napkins, the welcome mat, anything and everything you find catchy- click!

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Take in the decor

Keep it all candid

A made-up scene…well it looks made-up. Capture everyone and everything in their natural element. Parents laughing over wine, kids running around the kitchen, cousins watching the parade, the small dinner goof ups, everyone tired and full after dinner- get it all, candid! Also, don’t just focus on getting the pictures and overwhelming everyone with the thanksgiving photoshoot ideas. Enjoy and have fun!

Thanksgiving photo ideas- editing time!

Adding a little fun and jazz to your Thanksgiving photos is all that is left. With the LightX mobile photo editor, you can very well edit your photos any way you like. Add a line of text over your photo using the different fonts and styles, add shapes creatively in places. Moreover, we have new Thanksgiving Day stickers to brighten up your pictures. With these Thanksgiving photo ideas and the LightX mobile photo editor, the holiday season is going to be LIT! And also, don’t forget to be thankful 😉

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Thanksgiving stickers on LightX App

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