happy pride day, happy pride month, happy pride day quotes, june pride month 2021

Here’s to June Pride Month 2021, cheers!

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Love comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, and every one of us has our own unique way of honoring it. The beauty of Pride is that there is no incorrect way to do it. When we have a secure environment to express ourselves and allow our true selves to show, love flourishes. It also doesn’t hurt to add a little glitter. So here’s to June Pride Month 2021!

happy pride day, happy pride month, happy pride day quotes, june pride month 2021

To make content for Pride, you don’t need a sophisticated studio or expensive equipment. In fact, having restrictions may sometimes assist increase your creativity. But what happens when you have to go in front of the camera? That idea might be frightening to some people.

June Pride Month 2021 with LightX templates!

With LightX editable templates, you can create engaging social media posts for your community, to help them educate, learn, and come forward with their experiences. You don’t even require any professional experience for this!

For this, the first step is knowing if June Pride Month 2021 campaign is a good idea for your brand or not. And how do you want to represent and associate with it? bc

Here are some pride month post ideas for you this June!

Pride Day post ideas for social media

Educate your audience

Through your content, give straightforward and simple facts about Pride Month. People want to be educated on this topic, so make them aware of the LGBTQ+ spectrum.

happy pride day, happy pride month, happy pride day quotes, june pride month 2021

With LightX editable Instagram templates, all you need to do is select a template and customize it to suit your brand voice. Keep the content engaging and most importantly, make it a carousel post. It prevents the content from looking clumsy and provides ample space for explanation.

Pay respects to LGBTQ pioneers

June Pride Month 2021 is all about recognizing the leaders and pioneers who paved the way for people in today’s time. They protested, fought, and gave this movement everything. As millennials would say, “they ran so we could walk”.

Feature LGBTQ employees on your social media!

Let others know if you work for an inclusive firm that promotes diversity! Allow your staff to speak about their experiences as members of the LGBTQ community.

happy pride day, happy pride month, happy pride day quotes, june pride month 2021

This is an easy method to offer real material on your marketing platforms, whether they want to discuss their experiences working at your firm or measures they’re taking to improve equality in their area. It also enhances the voices of LGBTQ individuals in the workplace. Local activists might also be included in your campaign.

Happy Pride Day quotes

You can also go for simple Happy Pride Day quotes on your social media. Either select a template from LightX App’s Pride Templates or choose Quote templates and make them your own.

These are some ways in which you can be a part of the June Pride Day 2021 campaigns. And not just one month, you can try keeping these issues in the spotlight all year round. With LightX mobile photo editor you can select pre-designed templates and customize them according to your brand as well as the social media platform. Happy pride!
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