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Happy New Year Stickers & Frames to Edit Your Photos!

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What does ‘New Year’ remind you of? 

If we are to guess, probably a party at a friend’s place, a celebration with the family, or traveling to any long-awaited destination?   

Well, one thing that remains constant amidst any of your plans is the photos! 

No matter what you plan to do in your new year, photos always get clicked. And helping you make those photos more attractive and exciting, LightX provides an incredible collection of happy new year stickers and frames.

Whether the photo means to wish your friends, colleagues, or it is a one you want to keep as a memory, LightX has got you all covered with stickers and frames for all. Without having any prior editing experience or skill, you can very easily, quickly, and smoothly edit your photos with stickers and frames in LightX.   

Let’s explore more about them in this write-up ahead.     

Happy New Year Stickers and Frames in LightX 

There’s so much to these amazing stickers and frames for the New Year. Here we shed some light for you!

Firstly, Why Should You Add Them?

What can be better than to usher in the new year with images that you’ll always cherish?

The stickers and frames are not merely elements. They add a touch of personalization and joy to your photos. They communicate your message and express your feelings in a simple yet immensely creative manner. Their addition to your images acts impressively when you are trying to share your special and important moment, wish to convey and evoke emotion, or desire a level of engagement in the form of likes, comments, and shares. 

Enhancing your new year’s photos by adding stickers to them and beautifying them even more with the inclusion of frames is any day the best move!

Happy New Year Stickers in LightX

LightX Store has a variety of new year stickers for your pictures. Whether your photo is a wish card, a social media post, or a party, there are beautiful stickers suitable for every type of new year photo.

Happy New Year Stickers, New Year Stickers for Photos, New Year Photo Editor - LightX

Not just one, but you can insert multiple stickers of your choice in the same photo. Further, you can duplicate any, change the stickers’ size and placement, erase or restore any particular part of the sticker accordingly, and even use the ‘Blend’ tool to decide how they should look! 

You can later add shapes, apply filters, and more such edits for a perfect new year image!

New Year Frames in LightX        

Do you know what makes any photo look its best?

It’s the Frames!

Any photo when framed in a captivating frame becomes more attractive by a hundred times. That being said, LightX offers an array of well-designed, trendy, and splendid new year frames online for all your pictures. 

Happy New Year Frames, New Year Photo Frames Online, New Year Photo Editor - LightX

You can make the selection from a wide range of styles and colors. Once chosen, you can very easily resize your image inside the frame. Later you can make your image look catchier than it already is by adding text, making adjustments, and much more!  

How to Use Happy New Year Stickers & Frames in LightX?

Understanding that with all the new year vibes and excitement, you would want the process of adding the stickers and frames on your photos rapid and seamless, LightX lets you do the same in just a few simple steps!

Here’s how:

  • Open the LightX iOS app on your iOS device or LightX Android app on your Android device. 
  • Select an image either from your device’s gallery or from Stock. 
  • Now, click on the ‘Edit’ option.   
  • Click on either ‘Stickers’ or ‘Frames’ based on whatever you want to begin with. 
  • Go to any ‘New Year’ category in them and select whichever sticker or frame you like by just tapping on it. 
  • Edit your chosen sticker or frame as you like.
  • Make the rest of the edits according to your wish and requirement. 
  • In the end, tap on ‘Export’ and then ‘Save’ to download your new Year image to your device. Else, click on ‘Share’ to upload it on different social media platforms at the very moment.

Add More Appeal to Your New Year Photos!

Make your new year more festive and memorable with the photos embellished with happy new year stickers and frames in LightX. Further, enjoy customizing your image based on your creativity and imagination with a range of incredible tools and features.

Try today for astonishing new year images!
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