Free Facebook Event Cover Templates

Struggling with a dull Facebook event cover? LightX to the rescue! Ditch generic backgrounds & choose from stunning, customizable templates. It's easy, fast, & budget-friendly! Your event deserves to shine!

beige monuments illustrations wishes independence day template
white blue quote greetings independence day template
white orange sticker cutout happy independence day template
white people photo celebrate independence day template
red pink online business class education template
Blue Pink Ladies Night Flyer Template
Yellow Black Teenagers Online Music Course Flyer Template
Blue Aqua Creative Run Flyer Template
Purple Retro Bg Couple Love Template
Yellow Brown Hot Dog Offer Order Flyer Template 1
Purple Yellow Red Diwali Template
Yellow Green Occasion Diwali Template
Yellow Light Festival Diwali Template
Pink Purple Happy Diwali Template
Brown White Big Sale Arrival Black Friday Template
Black Yellow Discount Offer Black Friday Template
Grey Kid Fashion Black Friday Template
Black Purchase Sale Black Friday Template
Beige Brown Shopping Black Friday Template
Brown Fashion Sale Black Friday Template
Pink Family Love Thanksgiving Template
Yellow Orange Headphone Cyber Monday Template
Purple Orange Best Deal Cyber Monday Template
Blue VR Cyber Monday Template
Brown Invitation Festival Happy Thanksgiving Design Template
Brown Beige Blessings Celebration Thanksgiving Design Template
Beige Leaves Thanksgiving Frames Template
Brown Food Thanksgiving Frames Template
Brown Festivity Thanksgiving Frames Template
Brown Photo Art Thanksgiving Frames Template