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Jumpstart your Valentine’s Day advertising with LightX templates

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Valentine’s Day is the day of love, yes. It is also a chance to boost your online presence and your sales, especially if you sell items like perfume, jewelry, apparel, etc). You can start your Valentine’s Day advertising a week or two before the 14th of February, so you have ample time to garner the engagement.

With the editable social media ad templates, you can easily create a week’s worth of content in less than half a day! Yes, you heard that right! Even if you just an amateur, it is very easy with the LightX mobile photo editor. So let’s get started with it!

Promote a sale

As we said, if you sell anything related to this special day, it’s time to put it on SALE, SALE, SALE! And of course, inform the audience about it! With our professionally designed templates, you can easily the photos, the text, and the graphics and customize them according to your brand.

valentines day offers, valentines day ads, valentines day promotions, discount, sales, valentines day gifts, gifts for her, gifts for him
Promote a Valentine’s Day sale

And mind you, all Valentine’s Day ads and posts need not be in red and pink colors. You can make it look minimal and sophisticated and use your brand colors!

Valentine’s Day advertising for men’s products

Sometimes, way too much importance is given to women’s gifts on Valentine’s day! If you have great product or service ideas for men, you can definitely draw a lot of engagement and sales!

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Valentine’s Day ad for men’s products

Pick a Promotion or valentine template in LightX iOS App, add photos of your own products, replace the text and the graphics, and voila! You have an amazing Valentine’s Day advertising idea for men.

Opportunity for travel and food bloggers!

This is one day when the food and travel bloggers can really be of help to their audience! People are looking for great places to go on a date in the city and some might even look for out of town destinations!

This is where you come in! Make a social media about ‘top 5 cozy cafes in the city’ or the ‘best travel destinations for Valentine’s this year’ such social media posts gather a huge engagement since they are always on point and don’t beat around the bush.

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Create Instagram Posts easily

With LightX mobile photo editor, you can optimize your posts for all social media platforms, making your work even easier!

Get on top of the jewelry market

The jewelry market gets rolling on Valentine’s day! Be it women’s or men’s jewelry, everything is a hit around this lovely holiday. Promote your jewelry and accessories brand with Valentine’s Day advertising.

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Tap into your audience if you’re a jewelry brand

Select any promotion or valentine template and edit it to suit your brand! Put up the best shots of your product and put in the best of graphics and illustrations and you’re good to go!