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How To Watermark Photos?

Step 1

Upload Photo

Watermark a photo by uploading it from your device with a simple drag-and-drop or browse action.

Step 2

Create And Add Watermark

Use preset text templates or simple text options to create and add your personalised watermark to the image. Customise to your liking.

Step 3

Download Photo

Once you finish putting watermark on photo, download the final watermarked image to your device in JPEG or PNG format.

Make Your Own Watermark: Circular, Curved, Or Straight

LightX offers you the option to watermark images online with a custom textual watermark created in real-time using its preset text templates. Explore numerous ready-to-use styles - circular text, curved text, basic straight, double-lined, and more in LightX's photo watermark maker. Customise with your preferred text, font style, size, colour, and other aspects. In LightX, enjoy the flexibility to make your own watermark that perfectly aligns with your brand or work.

Put watermark on photo in  different styles circular, curved or more

Watermark Your Pictures: Brand Your Work Or Protect Copyright

When you watermark a photo, it helps assert ownership and discourage its unauthorised use. It boosts brand recognition and promotion. You can attain the same by adding logo to image.
With LightX's add watermark to photo tool, stamp your images online for free. Experience the utmost ease with a user-friendly interface. Put watermark on photos of different types - from professional photos by photographers to stock pictures, for their distribution control and tracking.

Watermark your picture with text watermark maker

Effortless Customization of Size, Position, Opacity In Photo Watermarker

LightX's free add watermark to photo tool not only allows you to insert watermarks into images but also personalise them for maximum impact.
Put watermark on photo and adjust its size and position for optimal visibility. You can fine-tune its opacity for the right balance over the image.
Get to duplicate your watermark with a single click in LightX's tool to watermark images online. Personalise each watermark layer, original and duplicated, individually on the canvas for precise placement, size, and other details.

Overlay watermark on image With easy customization

Frequently Asked Questions

Make a custom text watermark for photos using LightX's text watermark maker. Its pre-designed text watermark templates make creating a watermark for photos significantly simpler. All you have to do is edit with your own text, font details, size, and placement.

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