AI Movie Poster Generator

LightX's AI-driven film poster generator automates poster creation for your short films and features. This intuitive movie poster AI ensures designs that perfectly capture your cinematic vision via text prompts.


Craft Custom Movie Poster In Unique Styles

AI-generated movie posters in various styles
rick and morty in a chaotic inter-dimensional adventure, depicted on a vibrant and quirky movie poster
AI art movie poster: A futuristic cityscape with neon lights and flying cars, depicting the setting of an advanced society
hermione granger in a red cloak and white bonnet, stands before a gothic manor with parallel hedges and crows
Various genre movie posters made by AI
a chilling attack on titan scene rendered in intricate 1980s nouveau style, with a striking red, black, and cyan palette
AI Disney movie poster creator
movie poster of an iconic scooby doo gang a group of teenagers who love solving mysteries

How To Generate an AI Movie Poster?


Describe Your Movie Poster
In the prompt box, describe the movie poster you want by providing details about the genre, theme, and key imagery you have envisioned.


Choose Your Poster Style
Choose from various preset styles inspired by captivating aesthetics found in varied movie poster designs.


Choose Your Poster Size
Select the desired size for your generated movie poster - portrait, landscape, or square sizes are available.


Generate & Download
Click "Generate” to start the image generation, download the image when ready, and create variations if necessary.

Generate your own movie poster  with AI

AI-Automated Movie Poster Maker Using Text Prompts

Discover LightX's movie poster AI, revolutionising professional, cinematic poster creation with its robust text-to-image technology. No design skills or experience needed!

Why LightX's movie poster maker is the one for you!


Instant Generation: Fast and automatic poster creation through your text prompt.


Customisation: Personalise your poster with a movie title, credits, logo, resizing, and more.


Real-Time Iteration: Easily experiment with different ideas and variations, saving time and hassle.


Cost Efficiency: An affordable movie poster AI generator eliminating the need for expensive designers.


High-Quality Output: Receive attention-grabbing high-resolution posters.

AI for making posters through Text

Create Your Own Movie Poster For Every Genre In a Suitable Style

Guess what? LightX's AI-powered film poster generator offers a variety of style presets to perfectly match every film's genre. Find the "Cosmic" look for sci-fi epics, the "Vintage" choice for classic films, the "Realistic" or "3D" style for modern Hollywood-like blockbusters, and more. This flexibility allows you to effortlessly create your own movie poster for websites, social media, print materials, or film festivals with the utmost accuracy and authenticity.

AI Sci-fi Movie Poster: A cybernetic figure stands against a backdrop of swirling galaxies, holding a glowing orb.

The Ultimate Movie Poster Designer For Independent Filmmakers

Calling all the independent filmmakers! Take control of your movie's visual identity on a budget with LightX's AI-enabled movie poster designer. Generate unique, compelling poster designs for every type of movie - whether it's a short film, a documentary, an animated film or even a web series. This innovative AI movie poster generator ensures the best custom poster designs that stick in viewers' minds.

Just enter the text prompt to get an artificial intelligence movie poster

Beyond Just Film, Generate Posters For Film Courses Or Workshops

The abilities of LightX's AI movie poster generation tool extend beyond just the movie posters. Leverage this tool to create striking posters for your film courses, workshop announcements, or promotions. Create a poster featuring AI-generated imagery combined with text highlighting details or schedules. These eye-catching poster designs are sure to get aspiring filmmakers enrolled!

Generate eye-catching movie posters with an AI film poster generator.

Frequently Asked Questions

LightX's movie poster generator, being trained on vast datasets, understands the movie references stated in your text prompts to generate the output accordingly.

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