Try On Different Haircuts Virtually With AI

Give yourself a virtual haircut with LightX's AI haircut. Test any style - buzz cut, short, wavy, or long - before visiting to a real salon haircut. Try it first to ensure it's perfect for you.

AI generated haircut images

How to Try AI Haircut on Photo

Step 1

Upload a Photo

To try haircuts on your face, select a photo of yourself

Step 2

Choose a Haircut

Explore the diverse range of haircut styles available and select a style, or write a custom prompt to create your own style

Step 3

Generate and Download

Click on “Generate" to apply the haircut virtually. Download the generated image to the device

AI generated bang haircut

Explore Various Haircut Styles

Astonish yourself with the creative transformation that an AI haircut can accomplish. Your hair can turn into incredible art with free AI-powered preset styles, giving your appearance an intriguing and artistic touch.

AI generated bang haircut
Bob haircut made by AI
AI created butterfly haircut

Unlock Ultimate Looks with AI Hair Salon

Your experience styling hair gets quicker with LightX's versatile AI haircut try on.  Let your imagination run wild in the salon of the future, where you write the haircut of your dreams through text prompts, and AI brings it to life with a virtual makeover! The most significant benefit is that it lets you choose your appearance wisely by previewing possible haircuts. You just need to upload your images and choose the perfect haircut that suits you best.

AI generated crew look virtual haircut

Try on Different Haircuts for a Perfect Look

You can change your hairdo in countless ways using AI virtual haircuts. Try a variety of things, such as cutting your hair short or long, experimenting with different bang styles, adopting a retro aesthetic, and trying out sleek or stylish messy looks. These fascinating changes are in your hands thanks to the power of AI technology, which lets you choose the ideal haircut to fit your tastes and personality with an AI haircut generator.

Try on different haircuts using AI

AI Haircut Simulator for Your New Post

You can digitally test new haircuts using LightX’s AI haircut simulator to make sure the alteration is something you love. Create an entertaining and captivating experience by sharing your changed look on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms. With LightX, playing with your appearance is a breeze and your hair transformation journey is infused with excitement.

AI haircut changer for Facebook,  Instagram, and X

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can use LightX AI haircuts to realistically try on numerous haircuts for free. Before making a real-life change, you can use these haircuts to experiment with different haircuts and styles in your images.

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