AI-Powered Dreadlocks Filter Online

Introducing LightX's AI-enabled virtual dreadlocks filters for your photos! Just a single image upload for a lifelike transformation using diverse dreadlock hairstyles or prompts.

AI generated dreadlocks filter

How To Apply Dreadlocks Filter On Photo

Step 1

Upload a Photo

Select an in-focus photo of yourself you want to apply the filter to

Step 2

Choose a Filter

Explore the diverse range of AI filters available and select the “Hairstyle” one or write a custom prompt to create your own filter

Step 3

Generate and Download

Click on “Generate" to apply the filter. Download the generated image to the device

Long Faux Locs Dreadlocks generated by AI

Premade One-Click AI Dreadlocks Styles 

Dozens of preset AI dreadlocks hairstyles for women and men that offer a realistic appearance. Make smart, real choices when you already know how you'll look.

Long Faux Locs Dreadlocks generated by AI
AI generated color dreadlock
Natural Dreadlock made by AI

Virtual Dreadlocks Hairstyle Try-on With AI

Witness how diverse dreadlocks hairstyles, such as blonde dreadlocks, freeform locs, interlocking locs, and others, would look on you without committing to real-life physical changes. Using LightX's men's and women's AI dreadlocks filters for photos, enjoy a virtual try-on-like experience along with overall transformation for free. Try character portrayal or cosplay planning, including dreadlocks hairstyles with simple text prompts.

Dread hair styles made by AI

Add Dreadlocks To a Photo For Hair Products Promotions

Need a dreadlocks hairstyle picture to promote your product? Save the time, effort, and cost of a physical photoshoot with LightX's AI hairstyles for dreads. With just one image upload and click, you have your image in various male or female dreadlocks hairstyles ready. Enter custom prompts for personalized, preferred dreadlocks hair transition. Get a dread hairstyle in the picture that everyone will believe is real.

AI generated locked hair styles

Explore Celebrity Dreadlocks Hairstyles On Yourself

If you are a big fan of iconic celebrity dreadlocks of Bob Marley, Zendaya, Lauryn Hill, or Jason Momoa, LightX's AI-powered dreadlocks filter is just what you need! Before making changes in real life, conduct personal celebrity-like dreads styling in pictures. Choose from a wide variety of ready-to-use styles or add custom prompts to see yourself with dreads. Share online with friends and followers, too, on social media.

Dreadlocks hairstyle for women made by AI

Frequently Asked Questions

LightX offers a wide variety of AI dread hairstyle filters, such as blonde dreadlocks, curly dreadlocks, and many more. Using them, you can try on dreadlocks virtually in your pictures.

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